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Qlik's brand-new AI capabilities
November 15, 2023

Unleashing Qlik’s new AI features: Your guide with Vizlib

In the dynamic world of data analytics, where insights translate into business success, Qlik is your trusted partner, offering innovative AI and Machine Learning functionalities.

At the core of this innovation lies Qlik’s AutoML, a groundbreaking tool reshaping how businesses leverage predictive analytics and explainable AI. 

What makes Qlik’s AutoML unique? 

Qlik’s AI and ML capabilities are not mere add-ons; they are seamlessly integrated into the platform at its core. This means AI and ML are not separate features but intrinsic components of your entire analytics experience. 

Empowering you at every level

Qlik’s AutoML is designed with inclusivity in mind, catering to users across roles and skill levels. Here’s how it benefits you: 

  • For Business Users: Qlik’s AutoML enhances your decision-making with automated insights and natural language interactions, making complex insights comprehensible without the hassle. 
  • For Analysts: Qlik offers advanced analytics, AutoML capabilities, and data preparation assistance, deepening your insights and boosting efficiency. 
  • For Data Science and Generative AI: Qlik’s AutoML expands the reach of data science models and enriches analytics with generative AI, ensuring interactive, real-time insights accessible to you and your team. 

A comprehensive AI suite

Qlik’s AutoML goes beyond predictive analytics; it’s a holistic solution offering: 

  • Automated Insight Generation: Complex analytics and insights are automatically generated, saving you time and effort. 
  • Search-based Discovery: The tool supports natural language searches, simplifying data exploration for you. 
  • Conversational Analytics: Engage in analytics conversations, enhancing your understanding of intricate data. 
  • Natural Language Generation: Reports and insights are presented in understandable language, ensuring clarity. 
  • Accelerated Creation and Data Prep: Qlik’s AutoML expedites analytics creation and data preparation, ensuring swift insights. 

Harnessing AI’s full potential with Vizlib

Vizlib isn’t just an enhancement; it’s your key to unlocking the complete potential of Qlik’s AI functionality. Here’s how Vizlib acts as your catalyst, ensuring you not only access but fully utilize Qlik’s advanced AI features: 

Unified user experience 

Vizlib integrates seamlessly with Qlik, simplifying your experience. AI functionalities blend effortlessly into your dashboards and reports, ensuring you can access powerful AI tools without switching interfaces. 

Intuitive AI visualization 

Understanding AI-generated insights becomes easy. Vizlib transforms complex AI analytics into interactive visualizations, enabling you to turn raw data into actionable insights. 

Tailored AI widgets 

Vizlib’s flexibility empowers you to create AI widgets tailored to your needs. Whether it’s predictive analytics or sentiment analysis, Vizlib ensures AI functionality aligns precisely with your unique business requirements. 

Real-time collaboration and decision-making 

In today’s fast-paced world, real-time collaboration is vital. Vizlib integrates AI insights directly into your collaborative dashboards, ensuring stakeholders are always on the same page, enabling swift, data-driven decisions. 

User-friendly AI adoption 

Vizlib demystifies AI for Qlik users. With intuitive interfaces and simplified workflows, even non-technical users can harness advanced AI functionalities.

This democratization of AI fosters a data-driven culture at every level of your organization. 

Integration with third-party AI services 

Vizlib goes beyond Qlik, integrating seamlessly with various third-party AI services. Whether it’s cloud-based AI platforms or AI-driven chatbots, Vizlib ensures you have access to a diverse array of AI tools within your familiar Qlik environment. 

With Qlik’s AutoML, businesses can delve deeper into their data, gain profound insights, and make data-driven decisions confidently. In a world where agility and accuracy are paramount, Qlik’s AutoML emerges as a game-changer, paving the way for a smarter, more informed future in analytics.

By seamlessly connecting Qlik’s powerful AI capabilities with your everyday experience, Vizlib transforms AI from complexity to accessibility, reshaping how you interpret and utilize your data. Experience the future of analytics today. 

If you want to learn more about how our dynamic data visualization tools help you generate more value from Qlik’s AutoML, start a free trial now.  

Unlock the power of Qlik Cloud. Vizlib enhances the capabilities of data visualization and analytics to give you unparalleled insight, so you can know faster and act sooner. 

You’ve come to the right place!

Vizlib’s feature-rich data visualisation products will help you get started on your data storytelling journey.

  • Easy-to-use (including drag and drop functionality)
  • No coding skills needed
  • Highly customisable to suit your design needs
  • Templates to fast-track your dashboard creation

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