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Your guide to Qlik Sense Extensions

Your guide to Qlik Sense Extensions

Qlik is a revolutionary data analytics provider that empowers organisations to transform raw data into actionable insights. Backed by industry accolades, including Gartner recognitions and numerous awards, they are one of the most trusted and innovative players in the data analytics space.

Many of Qlik’s more than 40,000 active customers in over 100 countries choose to enhance their Qlik platform by using extensions. In this blog, we explore how and why Qlik Sense extensions are used, and which could be right for your organisation. 

Why do companies use Qlik Sense extensions?

Partnering with an extension provider offers a pathway to amplify your Qlik experience. Extensions can bring specialised functionalities, tailor-made solutions, and seamless integrations, expanding the platform’s capabilities. 

This enables you to extract even greater value from your investment in Qlik.

There are multiple extensions available for Qlik. Of those, the most established and widely used solution is Vizlib.

Why Vizlib? 

From NHS trusts to leading construction firms, Vodafone and Novartis, Vizlib is trusted by some of the most prestigious companies in the world. 

This speaks to the quality of the solutions Vizlib offers. We’re all about rich customisation and the most powerful interactive features, all with an intuitive no– or low–code interface. 

As a proud partner of Qlik, we aim to help you:

  • Drive Qlik adoption across your organisation
  • Get the very most out of your Qlik data analytics and data visualizations
  • Use data to tell your unique story

You also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing Vizlib complies with the most stringent security policies. Because we’re a push-only service, the only data we ‘look at’ is your user licence. We’re ISO 27001 accredited, affirming our continued commitment to the highest level of information security management. 

Which Vizlib solutions are right for you?

With Vizlib, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You can work with our team to build a bespoke package that will take your data analytics to the next level. 

Each extension integrates flawlessly with your Qlik Sense, to create the most cohesive and enhanced experience. 

Product overview

Qlik Sense extensions for improved dashboards 

It sounds like you’re after Vizlib Library. By far the most powerful visual analytics product for Qlik Sense, we make it easier than ever before to create impactful data visualisations. 

Vizlib Library comes jam-packed with incredible features and enhancements– just have a look at this list! Want templates that get you from zero to perfect dashboards in minutes? Better Line Charts, Heatmaps, Pie Charts and more? 

Any organisation that uses Qlik can benefit from Vizlib Library. To learn more, have a look at our blog Vizlib Library: A guide to Vizlib Library extensions.

Vizlib library gif

Explore deeply interactive charts and graphs with Vizlib Library


Qlik Sense extensions for greater access to data insights 

Vizlib Self-Service is your secure data sandbox for Qlik Sense. Everybody, from expert data analysts to non-technical users, can access and contribute to a powerful data analytics environment. From a web-like interface to preset templates, we’ve taken every measure to streamline the experience and drive adoption. 

This democratised access enhances collaboration, fosters informed decision-making, and bridges communication gaps with stakeholders.

Explore how self-service analytics can transform your organisation’s Business Intelligence here

Self service image

The full power of data exploration, with none of the complexity or risk

Qlik Sense extensions to level-up financial reporting 

Vizlib Finance provides powerful analytics capabilities for finance professionals, allowing them to gain the deepest insights into your financial data with a single-source-of-truth platform. 

With an intuitive, familiar interface combined with powerful cutting-edge functionality, this is the best of both worlds.

Learn more about next-gen financial reporting in our blog here

Vizlib finance

Powerful and intuitive financial reporting with Vizlib Finance

Qlik Sense extensions for data-driven project planning 

Vizlib Gantt is the powerful project management tool for Qlik Sense.

With granular data exploration and customizable features, Vizlib Gantt allows you to easily manage your projects from start to finish. Keep track of deadlines, dependencies, and resources all in one place. You can even combine Gantt with Vizlib Library for the most powerful resource forecasting


Predicitve analytics gif

Gantt supercharges your project planning

Qlik Sense extensions to encourage collaboration

According to NVP’s Data and AI Leadership Executive Survey 2022, cultural factors, including process re-engineering, resistance to change, and limited data literacy, pose significant obstacles for 91% of businesses striving to become data-driven.

A key tool to addressing these cultural factors is ensuring your team can work together in a seamless, intuitive environment. 

Vizlib Collaboration breaks down silos and facilitates dynamic collaboration, within your organisation and beyond. It includes three main extensions; 

  • Teamwork, allowing seamless data sharing and insights exchange among teams 
  • Input Form for efficient data collection with customizable forms, ensuring accuracy and relevance
  • Write-back to enable real-time updates to data, transforming analyses into actionable strategies

Together, these features enhance the entire analytics cycle. Read more about Vizlib Collaboration extensions in our blog here

Get started with Vizlib

Getting started with Vizlib is easy.. Once you have a Qlik account set up, supercharged analytics are just three steps away:

If you’d like to see our powerful, intuitive suite of solutions in action, you can also book a demo or check out our demo apps. 

abstract illustration abstract illustration

Go beyond native Qlik Sense to supercharge your analytics

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Vizlib’s feature-rich data visualisation products will help you get started on your data storytelling journey.

  • Easy-to-use (including drag and drop functionality)
  • No coding skills needed
  • Highly customisable to suit your design needs
  • Templates to fast-track your dashboard creation

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