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QlikWorld 2020: what we loved and learned

QlikWorld 2020: what we loved and learned


QlikWorld 2020 provided Qlikkies with two exciting days of data and analytics learning and online interaction. The event was virtual for the first time since it began and clearly demonstrated the power of digital technology for effective knowledge-sharing and collaboration!


We loved interacting with the event participants and sharing info on Vizlib’s value-added products for Qlik Sense and inspirational analytics ideas! We wanted to share our highlights from QlikWorld 2020 with you.



? QlikWorld Datathon winners


Together with our partners Ginqo, we won the QlikWorld Customer Partner Datathon on climate resiliency! Our application demonstrated an effective understanding of the issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. And how affected cities can safely monitor and rebuild in a way that creates a positive impact on existing climate resiliency programmes.


Vizlib & Ginqo's climate resiliency dashboard - Datathon winners


? Keynote presentation mention 


We were also proud that Vizlib’s solutions were mentioned in the QlikWorld keynote address—in Josh Good’s 5 favourite things from QlikWorld! 



? TED certification for Vizlib Teamwork 


Vizlib Teamwork, part of the Vizlib Collaboration product for Qlik Sense, has been accredited by the Qlik Branch TED team! ? We are proud that Vizlib Teamwork is recognised as a viable and trusted solution that adds value for Qlik users. And that the TED team currently has other Vizlib solutions under review too! 


? Customers winning with Vizlib 


We love it when we’re able to add value to our customer’s analytics apps. A number of customers attending the virtual event showcased their dataviz wow developed with the help of Vizlib products!  


Vizlib customer dashboards from QlikWorld


Plus two of our customers, Novartis & HSBC, were QlikWorld 2020 Global Transformation award winners! Well done to their teams and their excellent contribution to BI in Qlik. 



Well, we hope you learned many inspiring ways to improve your BI and streamline your data analytics journey  ? at this year’s QlikWorld! 


We’d love to hear about your highlights from the event, so share your thoughts!  Or feel free to contact support@vizlib.com if you have any queries on our value-added products for Qlik Sense. 


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