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QlikWorld Online 2021: Where curious minds meet

QlikWorld Online 2021: Where curious minds meet

QlikWorld Online 2021 is the Qlik event of the year! From 10 – 12 May, the virtual conference will bring together the thought leaders, boundary pushers and creative thinkers of the data analytics world.


And with over 100 data integration and data analytics breakout sessions, there’s something for everybody, from everyday business users to data science experts. 


The event will explore popular topics, such as:


  • Why traditional BI is no longer enough, and how to shift to Active Intelligence
  • Insights into product innovation and the upcoming roadmap, and how it can activate your data and accelerate business value
  • Bests practices from leading data experts, customers and partners (including Vizlib, of course!)


Vizlib: A Diamond Sponsor at QlikWorld 


Vizlib is extremely proud to have been selected as an invite-only Diamond Sponsor of QlikWorld once again! And we look forward to sharing ideas with you on the next big thing in analytics.


As a leading Qlik technology partner, we build powerful value-added products for Qlik Sense. At Vizlib, we create solutions with the end-user in mind—easy to use and highly customisable. A rapidly growing number of users independently exploring data, sharing insights with their team and collectively making smarter decisions means true success in our eyes.  


Leveraging our ready-to-use capabilities, organisations can close the analytics loop, shift from reactive data reporting to proactive business intelligence and have the agility to respond to a rapidly changing market with their Qlik Sense projects. 


👉 Don’t forget to join us at our breakout session, Supercharge Qlik Sense with Vizlib. Hear stories from some of the biggest brand names in business and see mind-blowing demonstrations of analytics like you’ve never seen before!


And, come visit our virtual booth to chat with our friendly, insightful Vizlib team!


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