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QlikWorld Tour 2023
October 5, 2023

Vizlib: QlikWorld Tour key takeaways

Much like Taylor Swift, we here at Vizlib have also been on an epic tour of North America. 

The QlikWorld Tour is a thrilling expedition through the world of data analytics and Business Intelligence. As advocates for data-driven decision-making, we’re proud to be Silver Sponsors for an event that brings together industry leaders and visionaries. 

It’s been an incredible journey so far. 

In this blog, we’ll share some of the key insights and highlights from our time on the QlikWorld Tour in Dallas, San Francisco, New York City, and Atlanta.

QlikWorld Tour

What have been the highlights?

In-person discussions and connections 

Grant Horun is an Enterprise Account Executive at Vizlib. He loves connecting with Vizlib users, so it’s no surprise that his favourite part of the tour was “getting to meet our various customers and potential partners in person.”

Andy Thomas, Senior Customer Success Manager at Vizlib, agrees. He very much enjoyed “the chance to meet customers in person that [he had] only spoken with on the computer.”


Great learning opportunities 

QlikWorld Tour always has some amazing speakers, and the “exciting presentations” were one of Andy’s highlights. 

From the latest Qlik innovations to industry news, it’s great to hear the latest data analytics conversations! 

What are our key takeaways? 

One of the best parts of these in-person events is the opportunity to keep our finger on the pulse of everything analytics. Andy and Grant picked up some hot topics that are worth keeping an eye on for 2024!

All about Write-Back

According to Grant, “the benefits of Write-Back and real time analytics” have been the biggest topics on tour. Andy agrees that Write-Back is by far the most discussed of Vizlib’s extensions

If you’re not already using it, Vizlib Write-Back is a powerful feature that allows you and your team to edit, update, and comment on data points or entire rows, directly in your Qlik Sense dashboards.

This preserves the most efficient and intuitive analytics workflows, and helps to ensure up-to-date data for the best decision making. 

Learn more about Vizlib Write-Back here. You can also check out our video below. 

Qlik Sense and Qlik Cloud are the future

Andy says that his takeaway is that “Qlik SaaS is the go forward direction for all Qlik Sense customers,” and Qlik Cloud, with its “exciting new features” is an exciting prospect for those in the Qlik ecosystem. 

Here at Vizlib, we love talking about how to streamline your migration and get the most out of Qlik Cloud. If you’d like to learn more, check out our brand-new eBook:

Un/Solved: Making Sense of Your Qlik Cloud Migration Strategy is full to the brim with Qlik-specific information, resources, tips for refining your strategy, and actionable insights. Download it here for free. 

Qlik Cloud migration guide

Businesses are looking to empower their users with data

Grant says something that came up a lot during QlikWorld was “enabling power users via things like Self Service and custom reporting.”

Self Service is our solution for independent data exploration. Because it’s secure and intuitive, users can engage with data in bold, fresh ways– next level analytics adoption, with none of the risk or IT burden. To learn more, check out our webpage

At Vizlib, we love Qlik!

Our journey through the QlikWorld Tour was an incredible adventure filled with valuable insights, inspiring moments, and meaningful connections. We are thrilled to support this event and the larger data community it represents. 

We’ve got some great events in EMEA coming up! To stay up-to-date with future events we’ll be attending and hosting, be sure to follow us on Linkedin.

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