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Vizlib Gantt: The perfect management tool for small projects

Vizlib Gantt: The perfect management tool for small projects

Vizlib Gantt is the intuitive project planning solution that gets more value from your Qlik Sense. We’ve talked about why Vizlib Gantt is so good for long-term project management, but what about short-term or small, tactical projects? 

Well, we’ve got some good news; Vizlib Gantt is great at that too! It’s agile enough to optimise any small project, without compromising on powerful features and data-driven insight. 

Easy to create and use 

Let’s say you’re creating a project plan for a focussed marketing campaign involving a few members of the Marketing and Web Design teams. It will take, beginning to end, two weeks. You want to create and manage your project plan in Vizlib Gantt, but you’ve never used it before. 

Setting up your project is quick and easy with our Gantt wizard; you can go from a blank page to a fully-functional Gantt chart in under a minute. That’s especially important as you’re working on a small project, and you don’t want to spend a disproportionate amount of time getting started. 

Setting up your mall project management is quick and easy

It’s easy to get started in Vizlib Gantt with the start-up Wizard

Once you’ve got your project set up and ready to go, the simple drag-and-drop interface ensures managing and updating it is a breeze.

Vizlib Gantt is intuitive enough that team members who are unfamiliar with this platform, or Gantt charts in general, can still understand and participate from day one.

You can even encourage contribution and collaboration by infusing Gantt with powerful Writeback capabilities– discover more about that here

Project management at a glance 

When time is of the essence, being able to extract meaningful insights at a glance is a huge time-saver.

For example, custom reference lines can be added for any timestamp to highlight particular goals or specific data points that need attention.

To return to the marketing campaign example, you could include a reference line on the day that the campaign will launch.This gives you and your team a quick visual shorthand of approaching points of interest, so you can make adjustments accordingly. 

You can also add custom milestones and events.

Progress bars in Vizlib Gantt

Understand the state of your project in seconds

Progress bars are another great way to promote effortless yet impactful insight, and keep your team on the same page. Progress is displayed visually and as a percentage against your targets. 

Agile insight

Being able to simplify the display of your project plans is crucial, because having a comprehensive view is just as significant as observing the details. With Vizlib Gantt, you can achieve both without having to deal with [any complex] procedures.

–Luke Tolchard, Vizlib Gantt Product Manager

Vizlib Gantt enables you to zoom in on the most important or relevant aspects of your plan with just a few clicks. You can view a single group in your Gantt chart; in our marketing campaign example, this might mean selecting the Web Design group to see how their tasks are progressing.

You can also filter tasks and workflows by any data within your application. Want to see how an office in another location is moving through the project? Track a certain resource? Vizlib Gantt empowers you to drill down as deep as you need to. 

Kanban vs Gantt

Kanban focuses on continuous delivery, with columns representing different stages of the project, and cards within each column representing individual tasks. You and your team can move cards along the column as they progress. 

While Gantt is generally thought to be better for long-term project planning, Kanban is often favoured for small projects. This is because it’s so straightforward to use and understand, and it’s quick to put together. 

Because Vizlib Gantt minimises the complexity of creating and maintaining your project plan, you can use it just as flexibly and easily as a Kanban board. The benefits of this are numerous, but include;

  • More functionality. From resource forecasting to powerful navigation tools, Vizlib Gantt levels-up your project management. #
  • Better scalability. No matter how the project grows or progresses, your Gantt chart can comfortably accommodate it.
  • Easier management of multi-faceted projects. A smaller project, or one running to a shorter timeline, can still have multiple stakeholders, complicated dependencies, and so on. Kanban is great for oversight on individual tasks, but Vizlib Gantt gives you the depth of insight you need to navigate complexity. 

You can level-up your small project management with Vizlib Gantt. 

Hear our rallying cry; small projects deserve proper management, too! The ability to view and optimise every step of the process ultimately leads to better results.

Still, the last thing you need is complicated tools that bloat your project timeline. That’s why Vizlib Gantt is the perfect solution; all the depth of insight and functionalities you need, in an easy-to-use, agile package. After all, what’s better than spending less time creating and administering your project plan, and more time actually getting on with it?

Download a free trial or book a demo to see the difference for yourself. 


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