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Easy to use guided analytics components in Qlik
September 10, 2020

Tables in Qlik Sense: 3 ways to uncover instant insights with Viztips

Tables that display data as row after row of figures should be a thing of the past. The only way they’ll grab your audience’s attention is if they jumped off the screen and smacked the person in the nose. Well, there’s very little chance of that happening, Hopefully! ?


And the more bland the table, the less likely data consumers are to uncover the right insights. Plus, steering them to important data insights should not be a long, complicated process. They want insights, and they want ‘em now. 


That’s why your guided analytics apps in Qlik Sense should help users answer business questions quickly. And one way to do that is with dataviz components that support easy data exploration. Preferably without cluttering up the dashboard and overwhelming the user.


Here’s where a solution such as Viztips can have a big impact on insight discovery. 

Customisable tooltips for Qlik Sense

Viztips are tooltips on steroids! You can add icons, charts, images, and more to create a fully customisable, dynamic tooltip in Vizlib Library. Add up to 10 layers, with the help of Vizlib KPI Designer, for a tooltip that really hits the mark!


And now, Viztips are also available in Vizlib Table – the perfect solution for quick, easy data exploration in your tables.


3 practical ways to use Viztips in Vizlib Table


1. Evaluate sales trends at a glance


Drill down into sales data to easily evaluate sales trends.  Get additional context on hover with Viztips without overloading the data consumer with too many facts and figures!

Sales insights at a glance with Viztips in Vizlib Table

Dynamic tooltips in Qlik Sense



2. Vital healthcare data on hover


In healthcare, the speed of your data analysis impacts everything from operations to patient care. Viztips help clinicians and support staff get more patient data on hover to support their quick decision making!

Healthcare info on hover with Viztips in Vizlib Table to improve hospital efficiency

Customisable tooltips for Qlik Sense



3. Faster CRM insights and actions


Your customer-facing teams have targets to meet to keep business margins growing.  Viztips speed up the time to CRM insights – uncovering sales opportunities and profitable actions at a glance!

Uncovering CRM opportunities quickly with Viztips in Vizlib Table and Vizlib Bar Chart

Tooltips for CRM insight discovery in Qlik


And, check out this Viztips app to fast-track your app creation!

Spice up your Qlik Sense tables with Viztips and bring your data analytics into the right century! ?

You’ve come to the right place!

Vizlib’s feature-rich data visualisation products will help you get started on your data storytelling journey.

  • Easy-to-use (including drag and drop functionality)
  • No coding skills needed
  • Highly customisable to suit your design needs
  • Templates to fast-track your dashboard creation

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