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July 3, 2020

Team Spotlight: Andrzej Matlosz, Head of Software Development


Developers are the heroes who make our ideas ? and your feature requests ?️ a reality. 


Because, behind every seamless dashboard is a squad of software developers working hard to deliver a flawless and effortless user experience. 


Here at Vizlib, the champion coordinating this squad is Andrzej Matlosz ?‍?. So we decided to catch up with him and see what it’s like managing such an essential role.  


Life before Vizlib: Before Vizlib, I worked as a lead developer in a big consulting company. I have been a developer for over 12 years but only leading teams for the last 5, which I really enjoy because it puts me in charge of resolving developer problems and most recently, developing our value-added products for Qlik Sense.


Mission at Vizlib: As Head of Software Development, I am responsible for the Vizlib Poland development team, which means making sure that the delivery team is delivering, but also that they are happy, productive in their daily work, and have the potential to grow. ? 


Vizlib journey: I joined Vizlib in March 2017 as a developer providing single features and extensions for Vizlib Library, where I was involved in hiring the first developers in Poland. By 2019, our team had grown so much that we realised we needed a dedicated office. This is when I was promoted to my current role heading up the team.  


Day-to-day role: My days are really dynamic. I have many direct delivery responsibilities, for example, writing code and helping resolve problems in different projects. While at the same time, managing additional duties like agreements, invoices, the office, resolving people problems, sharing knowledge, planning, interviewing, you get the idea! 


Biggest challenge: When it comes to designing the perfect dashboard, we are constantly working to meet evolving user requirements. The real challenge for us is to anticipate user needs so that we’re always one step ahead ?.


Favourite thing about Vizlib: What I love most is the atmosphere that is created when you put a group of highly motivated people together with an amazing product. The result is the potential for everyone to grow, feel challenged, share ideas, and build for the customer.


Favourite Vizlib chart: When I think about Vizlib Library, our flagship product, I see two distinct eras: the time before and after the Vizlib Pivot Table. Although the Vizlib Pivot Table is my favourite, it was actually the most challenging (because we used Angular for the very first time!). Now, there isn’t much I don’t know about Angular. Really, ask me anything! 


Random fact: Who doesn’t love a good DIY project ?? Although, I do have a particular interest in furniture renovations ?. 



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