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August 21, 2020

Team Spotlight: Carl Temple, Head of Delivery & Operations


It’s a customers’ world! And in the software industry, customers are quite vocal about what they want. And we love that! At Vizlib, we are firm believers in the power of collective intelligence!


Often, the biggest challenge facing software customers is inconsistent and unreliable delivery. And this is an area we continuously seek to improve, alongside delivering new and exciting capabilities for our value-added products for Qlik Sense!


To continue delivering the best solutions for our customers, we recently recognised the need to create a new role:  Head of Delivery & Operations.  


And congratulations to Carl Temple for stepping up and accepting the challenge! Carl was fulfilling the role of Programme Manager at Vizlib. However, the scope of the role grew exponentially. And now, the new position “perfectly aligns with my desire to become a permanent employee with a dynamic and fast-growing company, ” Carl adds.


Carl brings over 18 years’ experience to his position at Vizlib.  His previous experience spanned numerous testing roles before he ventured into project and programme management, delivering for clients including Royal Mail Group, HSBC and RBS, Capgemini and EDS.



  • ? Describe your role at Vizlib 



I’m responsible for delivery across all departments within Vizlib with a primary focus on Software Development.


I aim to translate the CEO’s strategy into delivery objectives for the organisation, create a more lean organisation that responds quickly to unexpected change, raise standards, and apply ‘delivery heat’ to keep meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. And generally, keep things running smoothly! 



  • ? Tell us about some of the important lessons you’ve learned



I’ve learned plenty on the full-release lifecycle, delivering business and operational change in finance and public sector industries! I guess it’s the ability to strike the correct balance in delivery. Notwithstanding, my golden rule of not getting too dejected when we fail, but not getting carried away with our success either!


Experience has also taught me that honesty and clarity is key to achieve trust from your colleagues.



  • ? So, what’s it like working in your department? 



It’s super busy! This is a dynamic industry, so we prepare by possessing clear, concise and flexible plans. My favourite term is ‘informed delivery’. If we change our plan – pause, assess, determine and communicate.


In Vizlib, there’s a collective approach to issues: “see a problem, kill the problem”. This really benefits the organisation by individuals working collaboratively irrespective of their role or function.



  • ? What do you love about working at Vizlib? 



The collaboration between colleagues. In many organisations, there are good intentions, but at Vizlib, we demonstrate our core values and actively reward each other where we see examples of this behaviour.



  • ? What is your favourite Vizlib capability, and why? 



Vizlib Writeback Table! It makes read-only dashboards seem truly pre-historic! Now you can edit, update and comment on data points or entire rows directly in your dashboards. As with all Vizlib’s products, it’s fully customisable, allowing the user to edit Qlik dimensions and measures and seamlessly add new data.



  • ? Lastly, you must have another passion, other than ‘keeping the wheels turning’ 


 Well, that’d be cricket, cricket and a little more cricket! ?


Thank you, Carl! We know that our customers and fellow Vizlibbers will gain a lot of value from your continued leadership ? in delivery and production.


? Connect with Carl Temple on LinkedIn!


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