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July 29, 2021

The need for cyber security analytics in the digital age

Is your business data safe? Whether you’re running a small, medium or global enterprise, the security of your data or cyber security should be top of mind in this digital information age. Even businesses that don’t have access to the internet can become the target of cyber crime. And with the cyber security market set to reach $345.5-billion by the end of 2026, it is a clear sign of fast-growing market demand.

Some common approaches to managing cyber security, include store-bought antivirus and firewall software, through to departments actively monitoring a company’s infrastructure and database usage logs. However, one of the best ways to combat cyber crime is by tracking incidents with data analytics.

Let’s take a closer look at cyber security analytics.

Cyber crime isn’t just for big players

The cyber security breaches in recent years put millions of users at risk. From Facebook’s recent data leak impacting over 500 million users, to Sony’s PlayStation Network to Yahoo, and even LinkedIn. Large companies are a prime target for cyber criminals as they generally store the payment and personal information of millions of customers. But that’s not to say that smaller and medium-sized organisations aren’t potential targets as well.

Every piece of information has value to someone. It doesn’t matter if you’re storing email addresses or manufacturing orders. And, of course, when customers know that their information isn’t safe, they pack up and flock to the competition.

Analyse trends sooner rather than later

With the right security setup, you can control the flow of information entering and within your company, from email filtering to firewalls and analysing network traffic. And monitor any out-of-the-ordinary system logins at odd hours, network accessibility of ex-employees, or any fluctuations in database access, for instance.

You can monitor security trends over time by tapping into the right data and running it through an analytics platform with a relation engine – like Qlik.

One thing to keep a close eye on is your databases. Always perform regular sweeps of your databases and file systems for any files or entries that should not be there. Any unauthorised alterations to your files should trigger an immediate security red flag.

Another component to watch closely is your website. It might be built with a pre-made system like WordPress, but how many of the plugins and themes are under your control? Always make sure to remove any piece of software you no longer need, or that isn’t up-to-date with modern security and infrastructure standards.

Collaborative Cyber Security Analytics

Your cyber security analytics should give you visibility into your entire IT ecosystem. And enable you and your team to detect and handle threats as fast as possible.

Vizlib Library’s advanced analytics capabilities, such as Linear Regression Forecasting and Scenario Planning, can help IT teams proactively detect incidents and improve forensic incident investigation by analysing data trends and predicting potential risks, and manage and plan for unexpected changes.

With the power of Vizlib Collaboration for Qlik Sense, it’s easy to keep your entire team in the loop when analysing security data. If you see a spike in access at 2 am, for instance, you can tag one of your staff members to review it, or even attach a screenshot of the log. Plus, with Vizlib Server, you can set user permission controls for bullet-proof security that’ll meet all your enterprise security standards.

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