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May 5, 2020

Vizlib Actions: Streamlining workflows and guiding your users in Qlik Sense


Time is a valuable, yet finite resource, especially for busy BI people! The best way to save time is to create a better flow in their tasks.  Dashboards should be actionable and offer shortcuts to insights as well as connect up the business apps that naturally link together as a process. The synthesis and automation of these components that result in data-driven insights can help all data users do more and do it faster!


Integrated, automated workflows establish a favourable user experience and free up the user’s time for analytical decision-making. The actions they take to drill down into data should form part of a smooth user experience.  


Begin the journey to integrated workflows with Vizlib Actions


Vizlib Actions is a value-added capability for Qlik Sense that helps to create a guided analytics experience and steers users down a specific insight discovery path. Currently available for Vizlib Library, it enables you to create and link shortcuts across your apps for the ultimate smooth user experience. Make seamless selections or create custom buttons that make it fun and easy to explore and analyse data.


You can generate more value when you combine Vizlib Actions with Vizlib Button. This powerful combo helps establish a guided analytics experience, enabling you to create efficient shortcuts, navigate your app quicker and discover insights easily.


Vizlib Button API Integration in Qlik Sense

Vizlib Button – API Integration 


Creating automated workflows with Vizlib Button API Integration 


Vizlib Button API Integration is a powerful Vizlib Action which helps developers simplify and speed up the flow of data between apps.  


This new capability enables you to get the data you request from the app or server quickly (or perform a GET request), like a button that ‘gets’ your data on the weather in your town. Users get the info they’re looking for in one click, even when that data lives on another app!


Vizlib Button - API Integration with GET Action

Vizlib Button – API Integration with GET Action


You can link up with apps like Slack and Zapier to seamlessly integrate with your business tools and streamline business processes. For instance, you could update your CRM, send a notification to a specific group of people or push information to your Slack channel with the press of a button.



If you’d like to set up Vizlib Button API Integration to send email alerts via Zapierfollow these easy steps:


1. Set up your Vizlib Button and inputs

2. Set up your connection

3. Complete the request wizard

4. Test your request and review the data

5.  And, click to run!


More user benefits from Vizlib Actions


Vizlib Actions simplify app development and data exploration to a few clicks in your dashboard,  benefiting developers and end users. 


Save time and steer the user to insights by linking shortcuts across your apps to automate workflows. 


Simplify navigation and data exploration by enabling users to make seamless selections when changing between sheets in Vizlib Sheet Menu. The navigation buttons in the sheet menu can include actions that occur when users are changing between sheets. 


Any user can export data easily without the help of a developer or IT! Available for Vizlib Button and Vizlib Advanced Text Object, this capability is a self-service dream come true, enabling fast and easy reporting and data retrieval using Qlik Sense alone. 


Simplify data analysis by adding a drill-down action inside tables, like adding a column into the sheet. 


Essential Vizlib Actions you should know


Three of the most well-used Vizlib Actions that can help you fast-track the time to insights include:


  • Selection in Field: Select single or multiple values within a field
  • Activate Sheet: Activates the sheet you selected from a dropdown or the one chosen by the sheet ID
  • Apply Bookmark: Apply the bookmark you selected to save time and collaborate smoothly


Together with popular Vizlib Actions, don’t miss out on the most powerful Vizlib Actions! Aside from API Integration, these include:


  • Export Object: You can export objects to Data, PDF or images. It’s the easiest way to access export functionality in mashups!
  • Export Data: A simple export option suited to all users 


Set up your end users for success in their journey exploring and analysing data. 


Find out more about Vizlib Button API Integration for Vizlib Actions in the documentation here.



Getting Started with Vizlib

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