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Vizlib August 2021 Release

Vizlib August 2021 Release

All releases are compatible and readily tested with the most up-to-date version of Qlik Sense.

Watch our August Release Highlights here ๐Ÿ‘‡

custom report button
Vizlib Custom Report

More chart options for Custom Report

We have added two additional visualisations to Vizlib Custom Report: Bar Chart and Combo Chart!

Now you have more options โ€“ switch between a vertical and horizontal mode in your Bar Chart to suit your exploration preferences. Plus, users can easily create stacked bars, overlapping visuals, or use the โ€œ100% stackedโ€ option to display data your way!

custom report gif


Improved Wizard for Vizlib Pivot Table

With the updated Pivot Table wizard, you can use the simple drag and drop function to create and visualise your table easily. The wizard also includes pre-defined templates for zippy, hassle-free, Pivot Table creation!

pivot table wizard

Vizlib User Portal V2.0

Introducing the new and improved Vizlib User Portal!

Now itโ€™s even simpler to access and manage your Vizlib products, licenses and upgrades. And keep your team winning with powerful visual analytics for Qlik Sense!

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Our Latest Showcase Demo Apps

In our OEE demo app for Qlik Sense, we used Vizlib Library and Collaboration to create an app that measures manufacturing performance data, so managers can view key insights at a glance!

manufacturing gif

At Vizlib, we love all dogs! Thatโ€™s why we used Vizlib Library and Self-Service for Qlik Sense to create a doggo app for National Dog Day. Go on, you know you want to see that!

international dog day

With our shipping logistics demo app, built with Vizlib Library and Self-Service, you can easily identify delivery metrics and stay in control of all your logistics moving parts!

shipping logistics demo app

Upcoming webinars

From How to Wow with Vizlib Gantt hosted by Piers Batchelor on September 30th!

Check out our events page soon for updates on this not-to-miss webinar.

Astrato โ€“ brought to you by the experts at Vizlib โ€“ is a proud Silver sponsor of Big Data LDN. This is the UKโ€™s largest Data and Analytics event!

And the first in-person event in over 18 months! (Though it feels more like a century!) So, don’t miss out. Get the latest industry news on Big Data, DataOps, and learn how more businesses are joining the data-driven evolution!

Donโ€™t miss out on the BIG unveiling of Astrato โ€“ brought to you by the experts at Vizlib.

Join us on Thursday, 30 September and discover more about our live query solution for Snowflake, blending best-in-class data visualisation and analytics, powered by Vizlib, with Snowflakeโ€™s cloud agility. Play the data where it lives!


Having a team that works perfectly together is one of the most important aspects of any company. Learn more about the latest Vizlib Collaboration Teamwork update.

With the power of geo-mapping, you can drill down user usage locations to better refine product and service offerings.

geo mapping banner

Find out how to improve supply chain and production issues with manufacturing analytics.

manufacturing analytics header

New Monday Digest

During these volatile times, businesses need a clear picture of the future. With the help of data, they can forecast and predict more accurately! Learn how analytics can improve business sustainability in our Monday Digest analytics news snippets:

Analytics news snippets

Other News

Think youโ€™ve got what it takes to create the sweetest candy app?

Vizlib is on Twitch! That’s right, our very own Industry Team will showcase new apps, how-to-guides, and chat about the BI industry and creatively using data. And all of the videos are archived on the Vizlib YouTube channel.

vizlib on twitch banner 2

Vizlib August 2021 Changelog

Vizlib has decided to end support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) from August 1 2021, following the Qlik Sense announcement that IE11 support would not continue after their May 2021 release. You can continue to use IE11 with earlier versions of most Vizlib extensions, but it will not be supported for any new features or bug fixes. (Vizlib Toolbar, Vizlib Tiles, Vizlib Waterfall and Vizlib Ridgeline Plot are not IE11 compatible.) Please reach out to support@vizlib.com if you have any further questions.

Vizlib Bar Chart

Simple bar chart in Qlik Sense




Bug Fixes ๐Ÿž

  • Conversion From Qlik Native Bar Chart (v3.1.3)
  • Performance After Upgrade (v3.1.3)
  • Viztips Error Message (v3.1.3)
  • Gradient Color Scheme (v3.1.3)
  • Symbol Position is Wrong (v3.1.3)
  • Number Format Abbreviation (v3.1.3)
  • Secondary Axis Display (v3.1.3)

Vizlib Button

Vizlib Button




New Features โšก

  • Custom File Name in Export (v1.4.0)

Bug Fixes ๐Ÿž

  • Link to Demo App (v1.4.0)
  • Merging two buttons (v1.4.0)

Vizlib Calendar

Calendar for Vizlib Library for Qlik Sense




Bug Fixes ๐Ÿž

  • Actions Timing (v1.9.4)

Vizlib Combo Chart

Vizlib Combo Chart for Qlik Sense




Bug Fixes ๐Ÿž

  • Console Errors (v1.9.5)
  • Display in Qlik Native Container (v1.9.5)
  • Alternate State Setting Section (v1.9.5)
  • Y-Axis Labels Display (v1.9.5)
  • Alternative Dimensions Labels (v1.9.5)
  • Tooltips and Legend Colors (v1.9.5)
  • Chart Scale in Story Mode (v1.9.5)

Vizlib Container Grid

Vizlib Container Grid Icon




Bug Fixes ๐Ÿž

  • Console Errors (v2.8.5)
  • Full Screen Display (v2.8.5)
  • Actions Settings (v2.8.5)
  • Links to Support Section (v2.8.5)
  • Selections Display (v2.8.5)

Vizlib Heatmap

vizlib heatmap icon




Bug Fixes ๐Ÿž

  • Label Display on X-Axis (v1.13.3)

Vizlib KPI Designer




New Features โšก

  • Support for Ridgeline Plot (v2.0.0)

Bug Fixes ๐Ÿž

  • Icon Expression Editor (v2.0.0)
  • Vizlib Writeback Bulk Edit is Blocked (v2.0.0)

Vizlib Line Chart
Vizlib Line Chart




New Features โšก

  • Static Legend Width (v4.1.0)
  • Alternative Measures and Dimensions (v4.1.0)

Bug Fixes ๐Ÿž

  • Line Chart in Nprinting (v4.0.5)
  • Multi Line Tooltip Display (v4.0.5)
  • Manual Annotation (v4.0.5)
  • Tooltip Diaply (v4.0.5)

Vizlib Pie Chart

Pie Chart in Qlik Sense




Bug Fixes ๐Ÿž

  • Second Measure Display In Donut Chart (v1.9.2)
  • Data Point Font Color (v1.9.2)
  • Legend Display (v1.9.2)

Vizlib Pivot Table




New Features โšก

  • Wizard New Design (v3.1.0)

Bug Fixes ๐Ÿž

  • Vertical Scroll Bar Behavior (v3.0.1)
  • Horizontal Scroll Bar Initial Location (v3.0.1)
  • Search Menu Display (v3.0.1)

Vizlib Sheet Menu

Vizlib sheet menu




Bug Fixes ๐Ÿž

  • Dropdown Menu Display The Wrong Text (v3.3.0)
  • Title Dynamic Expression (v3.3.0)

Vizlib Story Timeline

Vizlib Story-Timeline icon




Bug Fixes ๐Ÿž

  • Link to Support Site (v1.3.6)
  • Events Description (v1.3.6)

Vizlib Table

Vizlib Table




Bug Fixes ๐Ÿž

  • Dimension Background Color (v3.17.2)
  • Null Value Default Color (v3.17.2)
  • Mini Chart Display (v3.17.2)
  • Tooltip with complex expression (v3.17.3)
  • Export Data Columns Order (v3.17.3)
  • Column Borders Alignment (v3.17.3)
  • Export Formatted Data (v3.17.3)

Vizlib Waterfall

Vizlib Waterfall




New Features โšก

  • Alternatives Measures and Dimension (v2.1.0)

Bug Fixes ๐Ÿž

  • Native Waterfall Conversion (v2.1.0)
  • Characters Limit (v2.1.0)

Smooth collaboration in Qlik Sense

Vizlib Writeback Table

Writeback capabilities for Qlik Sense




New Features โšก

  • Numeric Format – formatting engine changed. Support for locale defined in the Load Script. (v3.3.0)
  • Improvements to autogenerated SQL columns. (v3.3.0)

Bug Fixes ๐Ÿž

  • Fixes for numeric column calculation precision. (v3.3.0)
  • Print to PDF not working. (v3.3.0)
  • Audit Columns validation fixes. (v3.3.0)
  • Operation type delete fixes. (v3.3.0)
  • Submit/Writeback button will be disabled when you click Cancel button in confirmation modal. (v3.3.0)
  • Load Script injection fixes. (v3.3.0)

Vizlib Input Form

Vizlib Input Form




New Features โšก

  • Numeric Format – formatting engine changed. Support for locale defined in the Load Script. (v3.3.0)
  • Improvements to autogenerated SQL columns. (v3.3.0)

Bug Fixes ๐Ÿž

    • Form set up improvements. (v3.3.0)
    • Print to PDF not working. (v3.3.0)
    • Audit Columns validation fixes. (v3.3.0)
  • Submit/Writeback button will be disabled when you click Cancel button in confirmation modal. (v3.3.0)
  • Display changes (Form scrolls down) when app reload task is triggered. (v3.3.0)
  • Load Script injection fixes. (v3.3.0)

Custom Report

Vizlib Custom Report icon

New Features โšก

  • Add Vizlib Combo Chart (v5.11.0)
  • Add Vizlib Bar Chart (v5.11.0)
  • Data set creator Wizard design improvement (v5.11.0)
  • Add row merge option to context menu for Vizlib Table (v5.11.0)

August Extension Versions

Vizlib Library

Vizlib Self-Service

Vizlib Collaboration

abstract illustration abstract illustration

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