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Go beyond just reporting

Harness the power of collaborative analytics and Write-back capabilities in Qlik Sense.

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Action, edit, and capture your data in
Qlik Sense

The most comprehensive full cycle collaboration layer for your analytics solutions. Designed to support your entire insights-to-action journey in Qlik Sense: From team discussions and insight sharing in real-time, to workflows and data editing on the fly.

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Writeback Table

Easily edit, update and comment on data points or entire rows directly in your dashboards.

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Vizlib Teamwork is all about collective intelligence and bringing your team and data together in Qlik Sense.

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Input Form

Capture user input and enter new data points into your published Qlik Sense apps.

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Changes the way enterprises interact with and capture new data in Qlik.

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Extend your Qlik Sense

Extend your Qlik Sense

Go beyond traditional use cases. Deploy Data Quality Dashboards for dynamic editing, Budgeting & Forecasting, and Customer Segmentation Planning. Enhance CRM data with comments and insights, and integrate mapping tables and Master Data Management in Qlik to minimise spreadsheet-related risk.

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Avoid unnecessary mistakes

Avoid unnecessary mistakes by working with your data directly in Qlik Sense. With version control and audit trails, Vizlib Write-back Table empowers you to skip the error-prone manual steps required for maintaining multiple spreadsheets, transforming governance chaos into smooth, streamlined workflows.

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Drive better decision-making

Collaboration brings your teams and data together in Qlik Sense to drive more accurate, more reliable business decisions. Share insight, create custom workflows, and answer important business questions with the clarity that comes from creating a single source of data truth.

What’s included with Vizlib Collaboration

Here’s what you’ll add to your dashboarding toolkit

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Create custom workflows image
Share key insights image
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Answer what-if questions image
Write data back to your database Image
Rely on bullet-proof security standards Image
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