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Vizlib Collaboration: supporting the retail data journey

Vizlib Collaboration: supporting the retail data journey

Whether your company is focused on ecommerce dropshipping, is based in the high street, or you own a chain of cafes around the country, customer analytics is your biggest asset. Without knowing a consumer’s needs and wants, it isn’t easy to establish or maintain a successful retail business.

Retail businesses need to be equipped to meet the constantly changing demands of customers in a timely manner. In fact, by anticipating customer trends and ensuring all employees have access to customer data, it is possible to achieve this seemingly herculean feat.


Transforming the retail industry with Qlik + Vizlib

Without real-time visibility into your supply chain, logistics and customer data, retailers risk not meeting customer demand. And in today’s shaken-up status quo, businesses need to be even more on their toes!

And that’s where Vizlib Collaboration has much value to offer.  Collaboration offers a hassle-free way for teams to create and share insights, and drive actionable retail intelligence!

When the data insights are flowing across departments and teams, it becomes easier to extract real-time customer intelligence and transform your retail data journey.

Keep close to customers with up-to-date data

Retail companies need to keep customers close to heart. Why? Well, customers are the heart of every retail business. And keeping them happy begins by collating and analysing the vast amount of customer data at hand – in near real-time ideally.

So, every single person is a potential customer, right? Well, it’s not that simple. Not every person that visits your website or walks by your store is going to want your products. Some of them might end up on your doorstep or virtual store window out of curiosity. That’s why retailers need to understand their customer base on an individual level – learning each customer’s needs, wants, and economic means. You need to know who your customers are.

Input data quickly and easily with Vizlib Input Form

Retail logistics in Qlik Sense

Then by analysing the customer data you gain, preferably with a powerful analytics tool, like Qlik’s associative engine, you can begin to piece together what your customer looks like. The final picture – or, rather, an assortment of charts, tables and graphs – may look completely different to what you imagined. But you now have the insights to segment and personalise your interactions with them. In other words, the key to unlocking customer satisfaction.

To keep your customer data in near real-time, employees should be able to capture data easily, and at the source. With Vizlib Input Form, part of Collaboration, users can capture information at every touchpoint quickly and easily. And write back the data, so the whole team operates from a single source of truth on each customer.

The more you close that customer gap, the easier it becomes to meet and exceed their expectations (and push up that NPS score!)

Collective intelligence with UX friendly collaboration


Your company might be on the cusp of a product breakthrough – your sales are up slightly, but you can’t quite nail down that unicorn item that will send your stats soaring. Well, the answer may lie in how your team collaborates with data.

With Vizlib Teamwork, also part of Collaboration, your team can collaborate smoothly, keep their discussions in context and keep the data insights flowing all while staying in their app. Users can share insights, comments, and highlight important data without jumping between different business applications.

Team members can also tag each other in discussions on inventory management, for instance, or get in-app notifications whenever they’re mentioned in a specific conversation. And these contextualised conversations bring together the right people and data enabling the team to make faster decisions based on collective intelligence.

Keeping a step ahead with Vizlib Collaboration

With Vizlib Collaboration, your teams can collaborate smoothly, ensuring rapid product delivery that meets customer demand. By merging siloed data, you connect up your business solutions for a single source of truth on your inventory, sales and customers.

Staying connected to your customers and leveraging data from omni-channel experiences is the best way to optimise their experience and keep ahead in this increasingly competitive space.


Find out more about optimising the retail data journey with Qlik + Vizlib.

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