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February 2020 release
February 4, 2020

Vizlib January 2020 Release


Please note: This is the blog for January’s release notes. We apologise for the incorrect naming. The subsequent release is correctly named the February release.



All releases are compatible and readily tested with the most up-to-date version of Qlik Sense.


Highlight Feature Releases 




Vizlib Gantt 1.1 

Our latest addition to the product family, Vizlib Gantt for Qlik Sense has been ramped up to perform better and enable you to: 

?Highlight significant areas with dynamic Custom Periods that change with your tasks.

?Highlight key project milestones with icons, symbols or images to identify frequently-used tasks or workstreams.

?Manage your resources even more effectively by highlighting Holiday periods when no work is done!




Release Notes



Vizlib Templates Capability



Vizlib Templates is a new capability that enables you to create branded charts in seconds and drive consistency across your apps. It’s the magic shortcut for your app development process! This new feature also enables any data user to create eye-catching dataviz in seconds and helps companies maintain their visual standards. ?

With the first release, we’re rolling out Vizlib Templates to four extensions within Vizlib Library: the Vizlib KPI Designer, Vizlib Sheet Menu, Vizlib Container Grid and Vizlib Slider. We are planning to introduce this capability to all our value-added products for Qlik Sense over the coming months. ?


This capability is included free of charge for all licensed Vizlib Library users and will be rolled out to Vizlib Self-Service in the nearest future!  



Learn more about Vizlib Templates here.



Vizlib Custom Report 3.4.0


New Feature Alert! ?️ You can create a better self-service analytics experience in Qlik Sense, with the new Groups feature. Users can group dimensions and measures by using master item tags for better organisation. A great time saver for data users and the business! 



Release Notes here



Vizlib Custom Report 3.5.0


Save dashboard real-estate with this new feature enabling you to hide the first group header or uncategorised groups.


Read more about this feature here.



Vizlib Collaboration 1.2.0


The new Categories feature for Vizlib Collaboration enables users to categorise their comments so team members can fastrack their collaboration! ?

Give your data teams the power to take instant action by keeping the conversation within Qlik Sense. ?



Read more about the Vizlib Collaboration Categories feature here or watch the video tutorial here.


News & Events 

We are proud to announce that Vizlib is a Diamond Sponsor of the upcoming QlikWorld data analytics conference! QlikWorld 2020 will bring you the hottest trends and best practices in data integration, analytics and AI to ensure your business makes the best use of data! ?


We can’t wait to see you there! You can register for this not-to-miss event here.


Qlik Luminaries 2020


We’re immensely proud to congratulate three #Vizlib members for being accepted as Qlik Luminaries – Martin Mahler, Ralf Becher, Joe Warbington!



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An introductory blog on the new Vizlib Templates feature with a handy how-to section to get you started quickly. Vizlib Templates is perfect for speeding up the development process and enabling all data users to create eye-catching dataviz in seconds.


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Did you know even the idea of collaboration can make employees more dedicated, resilient and productive? Learn how improving collaboration with the data team improves the quality of data and efficiency of the analytics pipeline. 


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Get insider tips from our Vizlib team leads to supercharge your Vizlib dataviz for Qlik Sense. 


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New Monday Digest Articles 


Monday, January 6th 

2019 hindsight to 2020 vision, including 5 of the top data analytics articles for 2019 we thought you’d enjoy.



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Monday, January 13th

The better BI leaders manage data, the better they manage risk.



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Monday, January 20th

Examining the art of data storytelling.



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Monday, January 27th 

Enabling data democracy fosters data confidence and greater productivity.



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Dataviz Library


If you’re new to dataviz, Vizlib or Qlik, our new Dataviz Library is a great resource to get you started with helpful tips and how-tos on all your favourite chart types. 

Dive in and begin your dataviz discovery here. 




Vizlib January 2020 Changelog 



Vizlib Container Grid

New Features

  • Vizlib Templates introduced for Vizlib Container (v2.4.0)


Bug Fixes ?

  • Log in prompt when exporting data from custom proxy (v2.4.1)


Vizlib Table

Bug Fixes ?

  • Exporting the Vizlib Table to excel causes redirect/auth window when custom proxy is in use (v3.6.6)
  • On IE last row not visible after scrolling (v3.6.5)
  • Story export working intermittently across various configurations (v3.6.5)
  • “Invalid Parameters” when using Activate Sheet action on Dimension (v3.6.5)


Vizlib Pivot Table

Bug Fixes ?

  • Fast Straight Table export causes redirect/auth window when using custom proxy (v2.10.1)
  • Pivot table cannot expand, sometimes making selections does not work (v2.10.1)
  • Cannot use Qlik bookmark after adding Pivot table (v2.10.0)
  • Pivot Table not accepting the styling set Totals (v2.10.0)
  • Pivot Table shows extra border in story export (v2.10.0)
  • Remove unnecessary input box from Text is URL (v2.10.0)
  • Thousands Separator missing from Export file  (v2.10.0)
  • Duplicated Zero when using Formatted as Number (v2.10.0)
  • Pivot produces error in stories if titles are used in stories (v2.10.0)
  • Qlik Maps breaking with Vizlib Pivot Table (v2.10.0)
  • Vizlib Pivot Table causes bookmarks to show blank (v2.9.4)


Vizlib KPI Designer

New Features

  • Added Vizlib Templates! (v1.9.0)


Bug Fixes ?

  • File in Vizlib KPI forces use of default proxy (v1.9.1)
  • Using a variable for image URLs doesn’t resize image in Vizlib KPI Designer  (v1.8.1)
  • Tooltips display in wrong places after close full screen in analysis mode   (v1.8.1)  
  • When KPI is saved as master item, layers can’t be moved because of error   (v1.8.1)


Vizlib Filter

New Features

  • Add ability to disable border/corner rounding in “drop down” filter (v3.1.0)
  • Support for Alternate States in Vizlib Actions (v3.1.0)


Bug Fixes ?

  • Vizlib Filter Title hover-over Missing (v3.1.1)
  • Field Label not displayed when using expressions with strings/quotes (v3.1.1)
  • Side menu search box is duplicated when selections are made in side menu (v3.1.1)
  • Snapshots of Filters, when used in stories were mutable (respond to selections) (v3.1.1)
  • Actions were not working when Display type was set to ‘Buttongroup’ (v3.1.1)
  • Qlik Sense Feb 19 – Maximize and Snapshot Icons Always Displaying (v3.1.1)
  • “Access is denied” message occurred after duplicating sheet on server  (v3.1.0)
  • Field selection action triggered before making selection  (v3.1.0)
  • Invalid parameters  (v3.1.0)
  • Vizlib Filter causes bookmarks section to show blank (v3.0.3)


Vizlib Slider

New Features

  • Introduction of Vizlib Templates (v1.2.0)
  • Improved slider number scale display (v1.1.0)


Bug Fixes ?

  • Tooltip size should be changed if tooltip exceeds available space (v1.1.0)


Vizlib Calendar

Bug Fixes ?

  • Dates not always changing in different modes and with different states (v1.6.1)


Vizlib Sheet Menu

New Features

  • Introduction of Vizlib Templates (v2.0.0)


Bug Fixes ?

  • Bookmarks manager prevented from showing (v2.0.0)


Vizlib Advanced Text Object

Bug Fixes ?

  • Advanced Text Object is not working in IE (v1.72)


Vizlib Line Chart

New Features

  • Improve x-axis ticks setting (v3.4.0)


Bug Fixes ?

  • Code conflict with other extensions prevented the Vizlib Line Chart from loading (v3.4.0)
  • Qlik Nov ’19 Support for Custom fonts  (v3.4.0)



Vizlib Custom Report

New Features

  • New option to hide the first group header in Custom report (v3.5.0)
  • Add ability to hide uncategorized groups when empty (v3.5.0)
  • Add Groups for dimensions and measures (v3.4.0)
  • Store the column width for Vizlib Pivot in Defaults, Presets and Bookmarks (v3.4.0)
  • Display correct wrap text of the Qlik native table (v3.4.0)


Bug Fixes ?

  • Custom report doesn’t display in Qlik June 2019 (v3.5.0)
  • Vizlib Pivot should respect the setting for include zero-values (v3.5.0)
  • Incomplete visualisation error message when clicking on dimension filter icon (v3.4.0)
  • Enable selections on dimensions is not on by default, also forces row height (v3.3.1)
  • Custom Report master Item label not displaying (v3.3.1)
  • Custom Report background colour is not set to whole sheet width (v3.3.1)


Vizlib Selection Bar

New Features

  • Improve overall colouring of date range picker in Horizontal Selection Bar (v1.6.7)


Bug Fixes ?

  • Initial selection does not work on selection bar (v1.6.8)
  • Some Ranges not accurately selected with the Date Range picker (v1.6.7)
  • Cannot re-apply new range that overlaps a year  (v1.6.7)
  • Fix missing and misspelt flags (v1.6.7)


Vizlib Simple KPI

Bug Fixes ?

  • Climber KPI does not always render in NPrinting (v1.6.7)


Vizlib Cards

Bug Fixes ?

  • Blank when set to Fullscreen (v1.52)



New Features

  • Categories: Introduce Category Levels (v1.2.0)


Bug Fixes ?

  • Edit comment is no longer working (v1.2.1)
  • Vizlib Management Console –  Unnecessary URL changes on save when using port 443/80 (v1.2.0)
  • Collaboration icon stays on the sheet after deleting it  (v1.2.0)



New Features

  • Custom Periods (v1.1.0)
  • Custom Milestones  (v1.1.0)
  • Holidays (v1.1.0)


Bug Fixes ?

  • Gantt chart problem with parentheses characters in events   (v1.1.0)
  • Gantt chart does not render when duplicate event names are used  (v1.1.0)



Extension Versions:



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