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May 18, 2022

Vizlib Flow Chart: Highlight bottlenecks & Drop-offs in Qlik Sense

Struggling to see the bottle-necks in your organisation? Do you have an issue with drop-offs in your manufacturing? With Flow Chart – an extension within Vizlib Library – for Qlik Sense, it’s never been easier to get a more real-life visualisation of the process and flow of data between different dimensions.

Vizlib Flow Chart is the next-generation upgrade for Sankey Chart and includes improvements in performance, design, and usability.

Where can Flow Chart be used?

Flow Chart can be used in the same situations as Vizlib Sankey Chart, but Flow Chart has one significant advantage.

While the Sankey Chart displayed null settings, the Flow chart does not, which means that events can begin and end at any stage. This improvement removes clutter and presents a clearer image of what is happening with your data, assisting your analysis and driving more accurate insights.

How will the Flow Chart benefit you?

With the Vizlib Flow Chart, you can:

  • Clearly and easily visualise and identify bottlenecks and drop-offs in your data
  • Eliminate unnecessary results and only showcase meaningful, relevant data
  • Style your chart to craft a compelling, customised visualisation that tells your data story
  • Seamlessly integrates with Viztips to provide you with more context

Resources to learn more

For more information on Vizlib Flow Chart:

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