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Add more flow to your planning in Qlik Sense

Intuitive project planning in Qlik Sense

Add more flow to your planning in Qlik Sense Image

Drive progress with Vizlib Gantt

Plan, organise, and visualize your tasks, events, and projects in Qlik Sense. With advanced capabilities to keep you and your teams on track, Vizlib Gantt offers the most intuitive project management experience available in Qlik Sense.

Visualizing Process Icon

Zooming out

Sometimes, a bird’s eye view is best. Long term projects with lots of moving parts can be challenging to manage, so access to a clear visual sequence of events is key to success. Vizlib Gantt lets you effortlessly view critical milestones at-a-glance so that you can monitor progress, make decisions, and take action.

Project Planning Icon

Project Planning

Stay in control of your tasks and projects. Easily build and update visual reports to quickly understand dependencies for more effective planning and prioritisation. Keep on top of your tasks and projects using dynamic markers or milestones. For larger projects, easily gain a 360-degree view of your entire timeline, no matter how complex it gets.

Resource Planning Icon

Resource management

Know exactly how your resources are allocated, so that you can take swift, decisive action to keep things running smoothly. Whether you’re shift planning, loading production schedules, mapping out team availability, or allocating resources on your strategic roadmap, you’ll have access to a clear visual framework that brings everything together.

Looking at the big picture Icon

Unparallelled visualizations

With clear, easy-to-understand visualizations, you can quickly spot trends and patterns, like bottlenecks or hotspots and take action to better optimise your workflows. Achieve a start-to-finish view of complex data flows and process steps so you can pin down areas of risk or concern and improve processes with ease.

Keep track of progress image

Keep track of progress

Monitor the progress of tasks and workflows easily with custom milestones and custom periods to prioritise and optimise on the fly. Shade non-working time to better manage your resources and avoid critical dependencies.

More context on hover image

More context on hover

Get the bigger picture on specific project data points with embeddable HTML tooltips. Accelerate your journey to insight with supplemental information that encourages more engagement and deeper data exploration.

Guided visual orientation image

Guided visual orientation

Fast-track insights by directing the user’s attention to key areas, and by adding more context to your planning with visual cues, like reference lines and progress bars. Take advantage of powerful interactive capabilities to drive an ideal, impactful user experience.

Uncover insights faster image

Uncover insights faster

Group tasks and workstreams by any data in your app, or use filters to drill-down on specific issues or questions and declutter larger projects. Leverage unparalelled customisation to enhance clarity and focus on what really matters.

Achive instant clarity image

Achieve instant clarity

Check your progress against timelines at any time, and easily track the completion status of your tasks to know exactly how much work has been done and how much remains. Unlock instant clarity for more informed, tactical project decisions.

Drive better results image

Drive better results

Better, planning drives better results. With greater clarity and a superior user experience to drive your task, event, and project planning in Qlik Sense, you’ll have the foundations you need to move forward with confidence.

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