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Introducing the new Vizlib Gantt course!

Introducing the new Vizlib Gantt course!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a brand-new Vizlib course!

The Vizlab is where we provide exciting, informative courses that help you master Vizlib products. We’re proud to announce the release of our latest course, helping you master Vizlib Gantt

Vizlib Gantt takes your project management to the next level

Vizlib Gantt is our feature-rich project management platform that gets more from your Qlik Sense. According to Product Manager Luke Tolchard;

A lot of people try to recreate the functionality [in other ways], but it’s not the same as a dedicated Gantt chart… Vizlib Gantt is a dedicated tool that helps you understand your project in a more granular and visual way. 

By providing a comprehensive overview of project timelines, dependencies, and resource allocation, you’re empowered to make informed decisions, identify bottlenecks, and drive efficiency. 

Ultimately, these meaningful insights lead to better project outcomes!

A flexible and intuitive Vizlib Gantt chart in action

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Who is this course for?

As our Community Manager Jason says, “The beauty of Vizlib Gantt is that it can manage both full-blown projects run by a PMO and much smaller projects.” This same versatility carries through to who can benefit from the Vizlib Gantt course. 

Have you never used a Gantt chart or Vizlib Gantt before?  This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to get started with Vizlib Gantt, and make the most of its powerful features. 

Are you a Vizlib Gantt and project management pro, with years of experience? You’ll discover new ways to optimise your project planning and gain insights into advanced functionalities.

Discover how to break down complex projects into manageable tasks, assign resources, set milestones, and establish dependencies. No matter your starting point, you’ll become “a power user ready to own Gantt within your organisation.”

Mastering Vizlib Gantt

This course provides a comprehensive learning journey that will transform you into a Vizlib Gantt expert. 

We have carefully curated a series of tutorials to help you master the functionalities of Vizlib Gantt. From basic navigation to advanced customization options, you’ll learn it all. 

But we don’t stop at theoretical knowledge – we’re all about practical learning. That’s why we provide real-world examples and projects, so you can apply your learnings in a hands-on way.

We’ve also incorporated quizzes to test your understanding and ensure that you grasp the key concepts. 

By the end of the course, you’ll have the confidence to tackle any project management challenge using Vizlib Gantt.

Get recognized as a Vizlib Gantt pro

Upon successful completion of the course, you’ll be awarded an official badge that you can proudly display on your social media profiles. 

This badge doesn’t only show your proficiency in using Vizlib Gantt; it also serves as a testament to your commitment to continuous learning and professional growth.

Levelling-up starts today

Vizlib Gantt’s advanced capabilities can transform the way your organisation manages projects. Building on your native Qlik Sense features, get ready to optimise resources, track progress, uncover trends and changes with deeper data analysis, and get better results from your projects! 

From creating a basic chart to unlocking advanced features that will impress your colleagues, there’s no time like the present to grow your product and Gantt knowledge. You can access the Vizlab and the Vizlab Gantt course by signing up here. 

What’s next? 

Exciting things are on the horizon at the Vizlab! If you’re already racing through the Vizlib Gantt course and hungry for more knowledge, we have insider information for you: 

Our next course will be on Vizlib Collaboration, another incredible platform that can be seamlessly integrated with Vizlib Gantt. The ability to share and collaborate on projects within a comprehensive project management environment can revolutionise the way you work.

You can learn more about this powerful combination here. 

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