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Vizlib Gantt: The perfect management tool for long-term projects

Vizlib Gantt: The perfect management tool for long-term projects

Long-term project management can be a daunting task– especially when you’re dealing with multi-faceted projects that span weeks, months, or even years. How can you cut through complexity and keep an eye on progress when there are multiple tasks and dependencies running to different deadlines? 

That’s where Vizlib Gantt comes in! We’re the perfect management tool for long-term projects. Vizlib Gantt adds value to your Qlik Sense, levels-up your project management abilities, and unlocks new opportunities.

How does Vizlib Gantt help manage your long-term projects?

First created by an engineer in the 1890’s, Gantt charts quickly became one of the most popular project management models. From hand-written charts to today’s slick, online options, they’re still an amazing option for optimising your projects.

Vizlib Gantt levels-up your every day Gantt tool by infusing effective Gantt project plans with data and powerful interactive functionalities. 

Zooming in (and zooming out)

Effective long-term project management relies on a delicate balance between understanding the big picture and keeping track of smaller details.

Vizlib Gantt provides a complete and chronological visualization of your project, helping you maintain a bird’s-eye perspective of the long view. You can add milestones and reference lines to ensure important moments along your project journey are not overlooked.

When you need to zoom in on an aspect of your plan, it’s easy to highlight the finer details. Custom HTML tooltips with embeddable images and links provide contextual information when you hover, creating an intuitive drill-down experience. For more information on creating these Custom Tooltips in Vizlib Gantt, see our video here.

You can even focus on a particular aspect of the project by checking groups in a single view, or filtering your tasks and workstreams by location or resource. This breaks big plans down into digestible chunks for deeper understanding.

Tracking progress

One particularly important aspect of project planning is tracking your progress, so you can be sure that everything is coming along as required. This can be difficult when you’re working across long timelines peppered with numerous tasks.

Vizlib Gantt gives you the overview you need. Progress bars display against your targets such as duration, completion, and spend. With live updates and percentages, you can monitor tasks in real-time and make decisions based on the latest information.

Vizlib Gantt progress bars make this the perfect tool for long-term project management and oversight.

Understand exactly how each task is progressing with live progress bars

Long-term project management that flexes with you

Vizlib Gantt can show how projects shift and evolve over time

–Piers Batchelor, Senior Product Manager

When you’re working on long-term projects, it’s inevitable that aspects of the plan will change. From deadlines to assignees, Vizlib’s intuitive drag-and drop interface makes updating your project plan simple. 

Resource planning

Resource planning is vital to ensure your project doesn’t run into delays or bottlenecks. From understanding how holidays will impact your timelines to tracking material consumption, Vizlib Gantt gives you the power to understand and redeploy your resources for optimal results. Over the course of a long project, this increased efficiency can be transformative.  

What’s even better than understanding your current resources? Powerful future projections. Combine Vizlib Library with Vizlib Gantt for the ultimate resource forecasting package, predicting and preventing shortages that could disrupt your project while empowering future-proofed decision making. 

Create better long-term project outcomes with Vizlib Gantt

Getting more from your Qlik Sense and your project planning can start today, with Vizlib Gantt’s set-up wizard and free trial. You can also book a demo! Try it today and discover the difference with Vizlib.

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