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Vizlib Grid Chart: Adding more context to your Qlik apps

Vizlib Grid Chart: Adding more context to your Qlik apps

When it comes to visualising the frequency of events in Qlik Sense, properly understanding your data can be a challenge. To address this and ensure that you’re getting the most from your data, we’ve released Vizlib Grid Chart.

Vizlib Grid Chart allows you to visualise your data in either a grid chart or heatmap format – which adds another layer of context to your information by adding a second measure to the chart – enabling you to ask better questions and get better answers. Vizlib Grid Chart is the next-generation upgrade to the popular Vizlib Heatmap.

Where can Grid Chart be used?

By using a dataset with employee work times, you can say for certain which hours are the busiest and instantly act on this knowledge to appropriately manage your resources with Vizlib Grid Chart.

Moreover, the Grid Chart allows for a second measure to be used, empowering quicker analysis to:

  • Focus on the events that truly matter
  • Reduce the visual noise so viewers only see what is important

How will the Grid Chart benefit you?

With the Vizlib Grid Chart, you can:

  • Use alternative measures and dimensions to drill through your data and display the most critical insights.
  • Make use of rich design options that enable you to gather all the insights from the chart in an easy-to-read manner.
  • Choose between displaying the data as a heatmap (one measure) or as a Grid chart (two measures).

Resources to learn more

For more information on Vizlib Grid Chart:

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