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August 3, 2020

Vizlib July 2020 Release

All releases are compatible and readily tested with the most up-to-date version of Qlik Sense.


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 Vizlib Line Chart v3.9.0

Introducing new Advanced Analytics forecasting tools

Get ready for more accurate planning and predictions with Linear Regression Forecasting & Scenario Analysis in Vizlib Line Chart. With Linear regression forecasting leaders can predict future business objectively by analysing variables and forecasting the potential outcomes, or ‘best guess’, to guide decision-making.  Scenario analysis enables businesses to evaluate multiple future scenarios to analyse potential risks, and manage and plan for any unexpected change.


Vizlib Line Chart’s new Advanced Analytics solutions for better planning and predictions!


Accurate forecasting in Qlik


Linear Regression forecasts & linear scenario analysis in Vizlib Line Chart for predicting ‘best guess’ cases

Accurate predictive analytics in Qlik


Scenario analysis, linear & exponential in Vizlib Line Chart to evaluate multiple future scenarios and help mitigate potential risks.

Scenario planning in QS



Vizlib Templates

Vizlib Templates now fully available in offline mode (Enterprise users only)

You can now access, create and share your custom Vizlib Templates in a seamless fashion even when you’re offline. An internet connection is still required, but you don’t need to re-download the templates to get the latest updates!


 Vizlib KPI Designer

Create eye-catching KPIs fast in Vizlib Library

Develop designer-level KPIs chop chop with the latest Templates in Vizlib KPI Designer. It’s as easy as edit, save and share.  Users can:

✅ Customise KPIs by matching up icon and progress bar colours

✅ Show a clear breakdown of key metrics in visually appealing chart and text combos

✅ Bring the dazzle with a financial breakdown in a familiar, digestible format

✅ Visualise the performance of workflows at a glance with progress bars

Creating quick and easy KPIs in Qlik


Custom Report v4.4.0

Quick and streamlined analysis

Analyse more information, faster and using less space with Vizlib Scatter Chart, now included in Custom Report for Vizlib Self-Service. This new addition can help you understand the relationship between two measures better by visualising them in a scatter plot format.


Using a scatter plot in Vizlib Custom Report to analyse more data through visuals 

Intuitive data exploration in Qlik


 Custom Report  v4.4.0

Fast and accurate data exploration

Now it’s even easier to select and search your data set. No more wrong data or inaccurate dimensions with the new improved Analytic Search capability in Custom Report for Vizlib Self-Service. All data users can explore data confidently without relying on the data team or IT for any hand-holding!

Vizlib Finance Report

Fit more data in your Finance Report

Now you can fit more key financial data in your Finance Report dashboard. Show a wide P&L report all on the same page by adjusting the cell height to suit your visualisation needs. 


Adjusting cell height for easy visualisation of financial data in Vizlib Finance Report

Viewing finance data in Qlik

News & Events

Vizlib Collaboration is now fully Qlik TED-accredited

 We’re proud to announce that all 3 Vizlib Collaboration solutions – Vizlib Teamwork, Vizlib Writeback Table and Vizlib Input Form are now fully accredited by the Qlik TED team!

Qlik TED approved solutions


Upcoming Webinars




New Vizlib User Portal

We’re proud to announce the release of our upgraded Vizlib User Portal! The new design provides a simple, all-in-one platform that makes it easier to get started with Vizlib and keep up-to-date with all our value-added products and capabilities for Qlik Sense as soon as they are released! And, the user portal also features our new-look Vizlib branding!


Plus, the new user portal includes Freshchat, an interactive chat for speedy answers to your questions!


user-friendly support for QS value-adds





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Vizlib July 2020 Changelog

Vizlib Filter


New Features

  • Add new fit to row option for button group (v3.4.0)
  • Add optional running of actions after default selection (v3.4.0)
  • Make single selections when holding CTRL key (v3.4.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Frequency count doesn’t render correctly when dimension is an expression (v3.4.0)
  • Default value not selected when an expression is used to define it (v3.4.0)
  • Values were hidden when “hide excluded” is enabled (v3.4.0)
  •  “Set default(s) when cleared” incorrectly activated on mobile browsers (v3.4.0)
  • When display type is drop-down, the filter doesn’t expand (v3.4.0)

Vizlib Bar Chart




Bug Fixes ?

  • Vizlib Bar Chart not always rendering when there is conditional selection (v2.5.3)
  • Axis Currency Format doesn’t work anymore (v2.5.3)
  • User gets stuck after selecting a measure in the bar chart (v2.5.3)
  • “Error in data” message displayed when measure is hidden (v2.5.4)

Vizlib Container Grid




New Features ⚡

  • Property Panel Search (v2.6.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Getting logged out of the app (on the current proxy) when using custom virtual proxies with Vizlib Container Grid (v2.6.0)
  • Grammatical error in export dialogue (v2.6.0)
  • Border added to Container when using Sense Focus QS theme  (v2.6.0)

Vizlib Table




Bug Fixes ?

  • Repeating Data on the Vizlib Tables (v3.9.1)
  • Vizlib Table ‘ Text is Url’ not working correctly (v3.9.2)
  • Vizlib Table Bullet chart representation showing up as black (v3.9.2)
  • Search field sometimes becomes unresponsive when table inside Qlik Container (v3.9.2)
  • Duration Data Type not showing formatted value on the Bullet chart tooltip (v3.9.3)
  • Not able to reorder columns if table is a master item (v3.9.3)

Vizlib Line Chart

New Features

  • New Advanced Analytics Forecasting type:  Linear Regression forecasting & Scenario Analysis  (v3.9.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Some characters missing in tooltip measure/dim label  (v3.8.2)
  • Opacity set to 1 when another Vizlib Line Chart was on the sheet (v3.8.2)
  • Vizlib Line Chart doesn’t update in IE 11 (v3.8.2)
  • Line Chart Tooltip hidden by object border/legend (v3.8.3)
  •  Reference line missing (v3.8.3)
  • Top right data point is always cut-off in the Vizlib Line Chart (v3.8.3)
  • Y-Axis scaling incorrect for some multi-line charts (non-stacked) (v3.8.3)
  • X-Axis values not showing (v3.8.3)

Vizlib Pivot Table

Bug Fixes ?

  • Vizlib Pivot Table not loading when Vizlib Filter is used on the sheet (v2.12.4)

Vizlib KPI Designer

New Features

  • Use Variable in “Define your own font family” (v1.14.0)
  • New KPI Designer templates and a new font available! (v1.15.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Number formats caused showing incorrect indicator (v1.14.0)
  • Mekko Master Item doesn’t show up on KPI Designer master item list  (v1.14.0)
  • Line Chart layer representation is not displaying zero values (v1.14.1)
  • Export to PDF on KPI shows something went wrong error OR invalid visualisation  (v1.14.1)
  • Auto number formatting was rounding numbers (v1.14.1)


Vizlib Sheet Menu

New Features

  • Add option for mobile sheet menu (v2.7.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Custom coloring on hover was not working on top Sheet Menu items (v2.7.0)
  • Sheet locations were not saved after bookmark creating bookmarks from actions (v2.7.0)
  • Tooltip in sheet menu doesn’t show on the side menu (v2.7.0)


Vizlib Scatter Chart

New Features

  • Support for themes – Inheriting Colors (v3.3.0)
  •  Selectable axis & Rectangle Lasso (v3.3.0)
  • Customisable Bubble Proportions (v3.3.0)



Vizlib Custom Report




New Features

  • Add selection indicator to groups (v4.4.0)
  • Automatic chart selection on/off option (v4.4.0)
  • Add hotkey (keyboard shortcut) for Voice recognition (v4.4.0)
  • Fuzzy pick dimensions, measures and visualizations (v4.4.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • “Access is denied” message when trying to export Story to PDF on server (June 2019 version) (v4.4.0)
  • Errors with Story mode and export in Story mode (v4.4.0)
  • Analytics Search – multiple sub-words are removed in wrong order (v4.4.0)
  • Text tags not appearing in snapshot (v4.4.0)
  • Intelligent Search – tags in search are getting lost when changing bookmarks (v4.4.0)
  • [Cloud] Can’t upload Vizlib Custom Report to cloud because of package.jsone not being allowed in Qlik Cloud (v4.4.0)
  • Pivot Table sometimes does not keep track of row/column for dimensions (v4.4.0)
  • In a default/preset/bookmark, when using a visualization that is not installed for the active user, CR is blank (v4.4.0)

Vizlib Selection Bar




New Features

  •  Add search to property panel (v1.8.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Export buttons do not work on Jun 2020 (v1.8.0)
  • Selections blocked error in June 2020 release (v1.8.0)

Vizlib Container Box

New Features

  • Rework details button (v1.5.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Console error when adding sheet to Story mode (v1.5.0)
  • Nested Container PDF exports first master item only  (v1.5.0)



Vizlib Writeback Table 



New Features

  • Include audit trail for Update Operator (v1.0.3)
  • Convert to field – change default behavior (v1.0.3)
  • Sorting in Writeback Table headers (v1.0.4)

Bug Fixes ?

  • When I change the appearance color, all tables on the same sheet are updating (v1.0.3)
  • Console errors when adding Form to Master Item (v1.0.3)
  • Restore data from session storage doesn’t work for multiple-choice and radio button component (v1.0.3)
  • Issues with right-click (v1.0.3)
  • Export Script does not work with  pagination in Insert/Overwrite (v1.0.3)
  • In Update mode unable to write multiple rows back at a time – Customer issue (v1.0.3)
  • User can’t add row if not related column does not include null values (v1.0.3)
  • Writeback Table Setup fixes (v1.0.4)
  • Sometimes update operation inserts new row instead of updating existing one (v1.0.4)
  • Date column is automatically recognised as edited even though it hasn’t changed (v1.0.4)
  • Adjust column width is not calculated correctly when there are too few columns (v1.0.4)

Vizlib Input Form




New Features

  • Include audit trail for Update Operator (v1.0.3)
  • Convert to field – change default behavior (v1.0.3)

Bug Fixes ?

  • When I change the appearance color, all tables on the same sheet are updating (v1.0.3)
  • Console errors when adding Form to Master Item (v1.0.3)
  • User can’t add row if not related column does not include null values (v1.0.3)
  • When using Templates with variables, Vizlib Input Form crashes (v1.0.4)

Vizlib Teamwork

Bug Fixes ?

  • Neither edit nor delete is not available for professional users (v1.6.1)
  • When using virtual proxy credentials prompt can be shown when using Teamwork (v1.6.1)


Extension Versions




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