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Vizlib June 2021 Release

Vizlib June 2021 Release

All releases are compatible and readily tested with the most up-to-date version of Qlik Sense.

Watch our June Release Highlights here πŸ‘‡

Vizlib Waterfall
Vizlib Waterfall v2.0.0

Faster path to the root cause

Introducing a new display type for Vizlib Waterfall – variance. With this new display method,Β  users have a faster way to find what contributed to different totals, such as Year to Date or Last Year to Date. Plus, more design control enables greater customisation and chart usability.

vizlib june release waterfall gif

Vizlib sheet menu
Vizlib Sheet Menu v3.2.0

Now supports Vizlib Toolbar

Navigation and exploration just got even easier! Vizlib Sheet Menu now includes Vizlib Toolbar, so users can build custom toolbars and control more aspects of their data. Get improved control over your side menu filter and actions, plus faster loading times. A simpler, more intuitive option to layout and explore data your way.

vizlib june release sheet menu gif

Vizlib Pivot Table v3.0.0

Improved performance

Vizlib Pivot Table has gone through a major overhaul,Β  improving both stability and performance! Plus, you can save time by bookmarking your Pivot Table design to access the same design again instantly.

vizlib june release pivot gif

Our Latest Showcase Demo Apps

The Vizlib Call Centre demo app combines the Sankey Chart, Custom Report, and Simply KPI to help keep track of customer support requests, billing inquiries, service outage reports, and more.

The Vizlib Talent Management app is a showcase of what HR systems should look like. The app makes it easier for managers to update teams, give promotions, and handle terminations. The app combines Vizlib Collaboration, Input Form, Writeback Table, Line Chart, Sankey Chart, KPI Designer, and Sheet Menu.

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Upcoming webinars

Sign up for our exclusive live webinar. You’ll learn how using Annotation can make your Vizlib Line Chart a better tool for data-driven decision making.

When? July, 8th at 14:30 BST / 09:30 ET

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In-depth content

From drug research to clinical trials and manufacturing, data is leading an evolution resulting in better patient outcomes. Find out how you can work closer with data and change lives in Chapter 1 of our latest Life Sciences series.

Are you ready to improve process efficiency, make faster decisions, and increase revenue in your organisation? Then read our Business Operations Tip Sheet.

Smoother business Operations in Qlik Sense


Are you struggling to plan your projects and get a handle on them? You need Vizlib Gantt.

Explore how Human Resource Dashboards will help your ever-expanding company.

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To celebrate the start of the 2021 Open PGA Tournament, Vizlib made an app to visualise part of the tournament’s history. The app was created with the powerful combination of Vizlib Library and Self-Service. Take a swing and download it. πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ

Vizlib PGA App Header Image

Other News

Vizlib is proud to announce the addition of a new board member, Anthony Deighton.

Vizlib new board member

The Vizlib team celebrated Pride Month last Friday, across all offices around the world. Thank you to everyone that joined in the celebration supporting and embracing the power of diversity!

Vizlib is on Twitch! That’s right, our very own Industry Team will showcase new apps, how-to-guides, and chat about the BI industry and creatively using data. And all of the videos are archived on the Vizlib YouTube channel.

vizlib on twitch banner 2

Vizlib June 2021 Changelog

Vizlib has decided to end support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) from August 1 2021, following the Qlik Sense announcement that IE11 support would not continue after their May 2021 release. You can continue to use IE11 with earlier versions of most Vizlib extensions, but it will not be supported for any new features or bug fixes. (Vizlib Toolbar, Vizlib Tiles, Vizlib Waterfall and Vizlib Ridgeline Plot are not IE11 compatible.) Please reach out to support@vizlib.com if you have any further questions.

Vizlib Advanced Text Object

Vizlib Advanced Text Object Icon




Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Master Item Edit (v1.7.9)
  • HTML Text Display (v1.7.9)

Vizlib KPI Designer




Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Number Formatting in Text Layer (v2.0.1)
  • Layers Resizing in Analysis Mode (v2.0.1)

Vizlib Line Chart
Vizlib Line Chart




Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Reference Objects Calculation Condition (v4.0.3)
  • Scroll Preview Display (v4.0.3)
  • Chart Display On A-axis (v4.0.3)
  • Time Aware Ticks Display (v4.0.3)

Vizlib Sheet Menu

Simple guided analytics in Qlik




New Features ⚑

  • Support for Vizlib Toolbar (v3.2.0)

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Console Errors (v3.1.1)
  • Side Menu Master Item Height (v3.1.1)

Vizlib Table

Vizlib Table




Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Incomplete Table export to PDF (v3.16.8)
  • Export Data In Qlik Sense May 21 Version (v3.16.9)
  • Cell Tooltip Display (v3.16.9)

Vizlib Calendar

Calendar for Vizlib Library for Qlik Sense




New Features ⚑

  • JSON parse error (v1.9.2)
  • New Selection Behavior (v1.9.3)

Vizlib Heatmap

vizlib heatmap icon




Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Mouse Over Display (v1.13.2)
  • Measures Title (v1.13.2)
  • Heatmap doesn’t work on IE (v1.13.2)
  • Long Dimensions Labels (v1.13.2)
  • Alternate Dimension (v1.13.2)

Pie Chart

Pie Chart in Qlik Sense




Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Data Values Display (v1.9.1)

Vizlib Pivot Table




New Features ⚑

  • Preserve Pivot Table Design in Bookmarks (v3.0.0)
  • Remove Custom Hyper Cube (v3.0.0)

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Dynamic Styles Isn’t Working (v2.16.1)
  • Scroll Bar in Version 2.15.0 (v2.16.1)
  • Export When Alternate State is Used. (v2.16.1)
  • Total Display (v3.0.0)
  • Calculation Condition not Working (v3.0.0)
  • No Data to Display in a Table Copy (v3.0.0)
  • Dimensions Editing in the Properties Panel (v3.0.0)
  • Calculation Condition (v3.0.0)
  • Dimension Position (v3.0.0)
  • Vertical Scroll is Stuck (v3.0.0)
  • Converting to New Build (v3.0.0)
  • Dimension Visibility (v3.0.0)
  • Indicators Export (v3.0.0)
  • Sorting of Dimensions (v3.0.0)
  • Dimensions Order (v3.0.0)
  • Left Dimension is Hidden (v3.0.0)
  • Collapse\Expand Icon Display (v3.0.0)
  • Expanding Rows (v3.0.0)
  • Export to PDF (v3.0.0)
  • No Data to Display in a Table Copy (v3.0.0)
  • Dimensions Sorting (v3.0.0)
  • Export Data From iFrame. (v3.0.0)
  • Calculation Condition (v3.0.0)
  • Selection Clearance (v3.0.0)
  • Calculation Condition Not fulfilled (v3.0.0)

Vizlib Scatter Chart

Scatter Chart in Qlik Sense




Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Colour by Dimension Wrong Behavior (v3.5.3)

Vizlib Slider

vizlib slider logo




Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Scale Display (v1.2.7)
  • Story Export (v1.2.7)
  • Export Sheet (v1.2.7)
  • Story Error (v1.2.7)

Vizlib Switch

switch icon




Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Icons Display in Header (v1.1.0)

Vizlib Waterfall

Vizlib Waterfall




New Features ⚑

  • Variance Waterfall Display (v2.0.0)
  • Values Labels Display (v2.0.0)
  • New Options in Properties Panel (v2.0.0)

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Data Values Display (v2.0.0)
  • Tooltip Display in Total Bar (v2.0.0)
  • Tooltip Number Formatting (v2.0.0)

Smooth collaboration in Qlik Sense

Vizlib Writeback Table

Writeback capabilities for Qlik Sense




Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Dropdown Opening Outside of Visible View (v3.0.1)
  • CSS Error – Appearance Corrupted When Adding Vizlib Teamwork to a Sheet (v3.0.1)

Vizlib Input Form

Vizlib Input Form




Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Error -Destination Locking Function not Working Correctly (v3.0.1)

Vizlib Teamwork

Contextualised collaboration in Qlik




New Features ⚑

  • Teamwork – Visualization Icon Positioning and Re-sizing (v3.0.1)

Vizlib Custom Report

custom report button




Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Blinking after opening visualization settings in property panel (v5.10.3)
  • Master Measure formatting toggle is disabled when adding new data to the data set (v5.10.3)
  • Auto sorting in Dimensions Custom Report not working as expected (v5.10.3)
  • Sorting Groups are lost after app is refresh or re open. (v5.10.3)
  • Custom Report settings are outdated (v5.10.3)

Vizlib Toolbar




New Features ⚑

  • Toolbar (v1.0.0)
  • Bookmark input type (v1.1.0)
  • Add number format settings for Slider (v1.1.0)

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Changes not detected in selection-bar buttons (v1.0.1)
  • Border option in button is not visible on init (v1.0.1)
  • Changing Output type to Slider (Wizard) and moving mouse cursor starts generating console errors. (v1.0.1)
  • Two Toolbars with similar dimensions and including a radio button update colours wrong (v1.0.1)
  • Custom data ranges option is not visible on init in calendar (v1.0.1)
  • Underline option doesn’t work for Selection bar – Radio button. (v1.0.1)
  • Max slider value changes when Step > Max slider value. (v1.0.1)
  • Slider Dot is not centred when Inherit global settings is off (vertical). (v1.0.1)
  • Delete element button is not working correctly. (v1.0.1)
  • Top Label position for Slider still positions to the left but moves it to the top. (v1.0.1)
  • Changing Object alignment (or other settings) causes Selection bar items to change their position for a short while. (v1.0.1)
  • Variable should only be possible to set to one value (v1.0.1)
  • Underline option (Font settings) affects labels. (v1.0.1)
  • Setting up ‘Max dropdown height’ as 730 or more puts ‘search’ input out of the screen. (v1.0.1)
  • Styles are not blocked when Lock field action is used. (v1.0.1)
  • Incorrect styles behaviour when we use Lock all selected action. (v1.0.1)
  • Colour picker – Cancel reverts already applied colour (v1.1.0)
  • Can’t change Input type when adding element from the property panel (v1.1.0)


  • Improve time between selection and updated selection in extension. (v1.1.0)

Vizlib Finance Report

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Property Panel Search – Not all words were searched (v3.10.2)
  • Calculation Condition hides the comment feature on some measures (v3.10.2)
  • Incorrect Total display position when the Top Dimension Total position is set to right (v3.10.2)
  • Finance Report sometimes does not render (v3.10.2)
  • Finance Extension-Total column and other dimension columns have incorrect row values when Top Dimension Total position is changed to right (v3.10.3)

June Extension Versions

Vizlib Library

Vizlib Self-Service

Vizlib Finance

Vizlib Collaboration

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