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Vizlib June Round-up 2023

Vizlib June Round-up 2023

Welcome to Vizlib’s June Round-up, your one-stop-shop for all of our latest features, blogs, news, and events.

Great news – all of the updates featured in this round-up are readily-tested and compatible with the most up-to-date version of Qlik Sense, so you can enjoy them right away!

Watch the June Round-up highlights here 👇

Vizlib Library

Auto-placed annotations in Line Chart 

It’s vital that your users can clearly see and understand Annotations in your Vizlib Line Charts. That’s why we’ve taken out the guesswork by adding an auto-placement functionality. 

In Reference Objects > Data Driven Annotations you’ll find a new setting called Annotation Position. Change this from Custom to Auto, and we’ll automatically determine a custom solution for each of your annotations.

 Vizlib Library

Read the full documentation

Vizlib Collaboration

Data Refresh 

It’s a massive month for Collaboration. On top of improvements to overall performance and destination validation, we’ve introduced an exciting new feature.

Data Refresh allows for better control over when a Writeback Table is updated. By default, the mode is set to Auto, which automatically updates the table. However, when set to Manual, the user can decide when the data is updated. This can be useful when inputting data while the app is being reloaded and refreshed.

Vizlib in action

Read the full documentation

Vizlib Gantt

Tooltip improvements

Our recent refactor ensures your Tooltips perform quickly and accurately across all Qlik platforms and supported browsers.

You may have noticed Vizlib Gantt has got a lot of love this year; check out our Mid-Year Roundup for a summary of the powerful new features and tweaks we’ve introduced.

Vizlib Gantt in action

Read the full documentation

Vizlib Finance

Finance Comments for Qlik Cloud

Finance Comments enable users to add live comments to data from within the Finance Report. They now fully work with Vizlib Server for Qlik Cloud. 

This completes the last remaining gap in our product offering for Qlik Cloud!

Vizlib Finance in action

Read the full documentation

Vizlib Live!

Multiple Data Sources

Vizlib Live! empowers you to connect and interact with multiple data sources simultaneously. This means that you can obtain live data from multiple cloud databases, such as Snowflake and BigQuery, in addition to your data in Qlik Sense!

To use multiple data sources, set up Vizlib Live! objects with your data source of choice. Configure the data section of each one with a dimension from your Qlik Sense data.

This results in a powerful, interactive dashboard using various data sources. You can expand this configuration and use as many data sources as you like.

Vizlib Live in action with multiple data sources

Read the full documentation


What is Vizlib Writeback?

Learn how Vizlib Writeback creates a data-driven environment, empowering your team to edit, update and comment on data without leaving Qlik Sense!

What is Vizlib Writeback?

Read it here

Vizlib Gantt: Powerful features for Qlik Sense

Vizlib Gantt is the intuitive project management solution that drives efficiency and creates better outcomes. Discover the powerful features that make Vizlib Gantt different!

Vizlib Gantt

Read it here

Webinar on-demand

Self-Service DECODED! Unlock Insights in Seconds 

In the third episode of our success-focused DECODED webinar series, we delve into some best practices that will help you maximise the impact of Vizlib’s Self-Service product.

Vizlib Self Service decoded

Watch it here

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