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Vizlib Library: A guide to Vizlib Library extensions

Vizlib Library: A guide to Vizlib Library extensions

At Vizlib, we love Qlik Sense. Its powerful data analytics platform is packed with features to help organisations of all sizes make crucial decisions and maintain a clear view of data.

As a proud partner of Qlik, we want to make it as easy as possible for businesses to quicken Qlik adoption and showcase insights in a way that all stakeholders can understand.  

That’s why we created Vizlib Library – a collection of user-friendly extensions that enable you to tell your data analysis story in an interactive and compelling way. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how Vizlib Library and its suite of extensions can enhance the capabilities of Qlik Saas and Qlik Sense – all through its no-code data visualization and exploratory data analysis features. 

So let’s get started and find out how Vizlib Library and its Templates, Advanced Analytics, Actions and Viztips can unlock the potential of Qlik Sense and bring your data analytics to life.

Vizlib Library: Elevating Qlik Sense findings through stunning data visualizations 

BI teams can supercharge the analytics process with Vizlib Library, and utilise Qlik Sense data to develop intuitive, interactive apps for every use case. 

The tool is designed to deliver out-of-the-box data insights with pixel-perfect precision. And, thanks to its wide variety of advanced capabilities – including 20+ customisable charts, UX components, tables and navigational elements – Vizlib Library can also tailor your visual analytics experience to help you derive data insights faster than ever before.  

To find out more about its custom report generation capabilities, check out this article; How to create customised dashboards with Vizlib Library.  

Vizlib Library case study: Hermes Arzneimittel Holding GmbH

Healthcare manufacturing companies like Hermes Arzneimittel Holding GmbH use Vizlib Library to create bespoke visual charts for employees and supply chain management. With the all-important aesthetic elements and clarity of data presentation taken care of, the suite of features and extensions helps the company quickly disseminate information they need from the Qlik ecosystem.

According to Christian Kuhn, the company’s Team Lead for International Regulatory Affairs, Vizlib Library has played a key role in the company’s adoption of Qlik Sense. It has provided a one-stop shop for all their data analysis needs. 

Hermes Arzneimittel boost Qlik adoption with Vizlib

Vizlib Templates: Design, save and share analytics findings 

Vizlib Templates’ pre-designed charts and data visualization tools can help organisations streamline their reporting processes. For instance, you can use it to personalise your analytics charts with your company’s unique branding and logos. Plus, it lets you update dashboards and visualizations with new figures in just a few clicks. To ensure that your templates are managed effectively, save them as published or unpublished, and control access to modify and share templates across your team. 

In addition, the “Inject templates in offline extensions” feature makes it possible for users to download and use published templates while working with other Vizlib extensions on Qlik Sense Enterprise Server – without an internet connection. This makes working with the tool even more convenient. 

Vizlib Templates case study: DAC Group

Digital marketing performance agency DAC Group uses Vizlib Templates to create fast and tailored reports for new clients. 

Business Intelligence Manager, Kuhan Puvanesasingham, cites Vizlib Templates as the company’s favourite data visualization tool. DAC Group praises its ease of use and how happy the clients are with their customised insight visualizations. 

Vizlib Advanced Analytics: Run forecast and cluster analytics in Qlik Sense 

Advanced data analytics tools like Qlik Sense can improve a company’s management strategies, develop new products or services through OEM analytics, or better target their offerings.  However, implementing data-driven decision-making in Qlik Sense can be challenging, often requiring help from trained data scientists to organise and disseminate company information for analysis.  

Fortunately, Vizlib’s Advanced Analytics for Qlik Sense enables companies to make decisions backed by data without specialised data analyst input. This Vizlib extension makes tasks like predicting trends and streamlining cluster analysis straightforward for all organisations. 

For example, users can identify patterns in numbers based on historical and near real-time Qlik Sense data with the Vizlib Line Chart. This feature can break down raw data into four parts; level, trend, seasonality and noise. From there, the tool applies the Holt-Winters approach to improve company forecasting abilities.  

Additionally, the Vizlib Scatter Chart groups Big Data points into categories using the K-means algorithm. With the K-means algorithm, similar data points in a dataset are grouped into ‘K clusters’ based on how the data points relate to each other. 

This feature enables you to identify groups of target customers or anomalies in data sets. Using Scatter Charts in exploratory data analytics can deliver unique insights, helping businesses create more targeted and effective sales strategies.   

Vizlib Advanced Analytics case study: CONTEXT

Market Intelligence brand CONTEXT utilises Vizlib’s Advanced Analytics features to uncover crucial technology industry data points, driving success for their clients. 

As long-time Qlik Sense users, Nick McGuigan, Analytics Design Manager at CONTEXT, praised Vizlib’s stunning visualization tools in helping them present their Qlik Sense raw data findings in visually engaging ways.  

Vizlib extensions make it possible to… count and overlap the objects. So those are really important; that’s a critical functionality for us.

CONTEXT Vizlib Success Story

Vizlib Actions: Create a guided analytics experience with a vast list of predefined actions 

Analytics dashboards become invaluable when they guide the user through data sets to help them glean meaningful insights with pinpoint precision and speed. 

Moreover, automatically integrating analytic dashboards with external business apps enables every link in your supply chain to be on the same page.  

Vizlib Actions makes discovering insights and calculating your next steps easier with Qlik Sense, helping companies automate workflows. For example, the Vizlib Button API integration speeds up data flow between Slack and Zapier. This feature provides users with lightning-speed access to data from servers and apps.   

In seconds, its API can update systems such as your CRM and notify relevant parties with the vital information they need at the right time. Vizlib Actions’ capabilities help companies simplify many aspects of app development and data exploration – without the need to deploy additional resources from developers and IT teams.  

Vizlib Actions case study: Tectum Group 

Construction industry specialists, Tectum Group, use Vizlib Button API to improve data flow from Qlik Sense and start PowerShell scripts on other servers. Qlik Developer at Tectum Group, Thomas Simaels, told us they chose Vizlib as their Qlik Sense-expanding solution due to its varied and effective data visualization options. Plus, they liked its ability to input and share data quickly across systems.  

He commented that Vizlib provided many custom report options they could choose from: 

Not just navigate to the other sheet or to open an older application. Vizlib lets you indicate an API. That was something we were looking for, so we’re really glad that it was available.

Tectum success story

Viztips: Create an intuitive, in-context drill-down experience on hover 

A recent study showed that 90% of business leaders believe data literacy is essential to a company’s success. Qlik Sense defines data literacy  as ‘the ability to read, work with, analyse, and communicate with data.’ It enables individuals and organisations to make informed decisions, identify opportunities, and ultimately drive business growth. However, the same study found that only 25% of employees feel confident in their data literacy skills.

For this reason, the Viztips extension makes improving these vital competencies within analytics-driven organisations easier for all skill levels. 

To illustrate, Viztips provides additional information on data points when users hover over specific parts of their embedded data visualizations. This feature goes a long way in helping teams declutter dashboard real estate and provides users with a cleaner, more visually-compelling interface to help them understand data in context. 

 Viztips case study: Phoenix LV

Pharmaceuticals distribution company Phoenix LV uses Viztips to enhance its P&L finance reports for sharing with internal and external stakeholders. Karel Lebr, a Data Engineer at the firm, said that the move from Excel and PowerPoint to Viztips improved information-sharing immensely. 

Karel commented that Viztips provided, “The little details that make our custom reports better and prettier, plus easier for the end user to understand.”  

How to get started with Vizlib Library  

Getting started with Vizlib Library is easy as it is entirely enterprise-ready for existing Qlik Sense users. It integrates with existing on-premise or enterprise systems like AWS, GCPm Azure or Qlik Sense Cloud and Analytics Platform. Plus, all Vizlib extensions tie in with the Qlik Sense pricing model.  

We can help you speed up your Vizlib adoption journey with full support from our customer service team, and our range of masterclass webinars. Our blog is also packed with tutorials, helping you get the most out of the platform features. 

For example, click here to read this article on creating highly functional, interactive dashboards with Vizlib Library; it’s packed with top tips for streamlining the data visualization process. 

And, of course, you’re welcome to try out Vizlib Library and its wide range of tools and extensions for yourself for free, book a demo with us today.

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