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Supporting data literacy for all
December 9, 2021

Vizlib Library: Supporting data literacy for all

The business world is swiftly moving towards data-driven decisions on a company-wide scale, making it more critical for employees to confidently use data in their daily roles. But for many people, there is still a lack of understanding and skill when it comes to data literacy.

Let’s dive into what data literacy is and how your organisation can benefit from it.

What is data literacy?

Technology research and consulting company, Gartner, defines Data Literacy as “[…]the ability to read, write and communicate data in context, including an understanding of data sources[…]”

By empowering your employees to understand data in all its forms, they will be able to make smarter decisions for the company and contributing to positive enterprise growth.

Leading data analytics solutions, such as Qlik Sense, help support data literacy with much of the technical analytics ‘heavy lifting’ done behind the scenes. By combining Qlik with Vizlib’s low-code value-added products, like Vizlib Library, more users can grow their confidence in uncovering significant data insights.

What is Vizlib Library?

Vizlib Library is an ever-growing collection of powerful data visualisation components for Qlik Sense. Users can redefine Qlik’s native capabilities without ever editing a single line of code – ideal for those new to the analytics world!

The library is a growing collection of 25 charts and dataviz components that bring your data to life in visually compelling ways. The charts enable users to create interactive applications for any use case – displaying their data in a more digestible visual format and supporting intuitive data exploration, for experienced and not so experienced data citizens.

How does Vizlib Library promote data literacy?

Vizlib Library’s no-code approach is the perfect solution for learning and developing your data literacy skills. Any person in the organisation, regardless of department or IT literacy, can quickly and easily set up charts to expertly display and analyse their data.

Without any coding experience or the need to understand data queries, employees can use the simple drag-and-drop functionality, intuitive wizards and numerous templates to create impactful, well-designed dashboards. For example, someone in the sales department may need to understand how fast the warehouse is able to ship orders or the cost of logistics. And with Vizlib Library, they get the right insights at a glance with customisable, feature-rich dataviz components.

With Vizlib Ridgeline Plot, users can move away from hard-to-read line charts and separate out the data. The overlapping mountain or ridge shapes of the Ridgeline Plot make visual comparison quick and easy as they are placed on separate lines in the visualisation.

The Scatter Chart is an easy way to analyse the relationship between two quantitative measures for different entities. By adding a reference area to the Scatter Chart, you can create a focused visual that helps users to find insights faster. It’s the perfect way to implement guided data storytelling.

shipping logistics demo app

All of the Library charts are visually easy to digest. In addition to the standard chart types featured in most spreadsheet applications, such as Line Chart, Bar Chart, Combo Chart, and Pie Chart, Vizlib also has advanced dataviz options, such as Vizlib Heatmap, Activity Gauge, Ridgeline Plot, Sankey Chart, and many more.

Plus, Vizlib Library isn’t just about the charts. It’s also about a familiar look and feel. The range of UX and navigational components, such as search bars and sliders, help users design their dashboard per their style and brand. With a familiar-looking web-like interface that most users are familiar with, Vizlib Library encourages and supports data literacy in the business.

And, finally, there are the organisational elements within Vizlib Library. By implementing Table and Pivot Table, users can arrange their data in a way that’s easy to read, analyse, and act upon. This includes HTML tooltips, column resizing, and rich formatting options to add more context and simplify the journey to the right insights.

More Vizlib products to expand data insights

You can also boost data literacy and Qlik Sense adoption with Vizlib’s other compelling, customisable and low-code product range.

  • Vizlib Self-Service – This is the ultimate ad-hoc reporting solution for Qlik Sense. Users can create secure data sandboxes to safely slice and dice data any way that they see fit, leading to more meaningful insights.
  • Vizlib Finance – Deliver a single source of truth for all of your organisation’s financial information. With a familiar interface, it’s easy to move your finance team away from spreadsheet hell and support their data exploration needs.
  • Vizlib Gantt – Simplify your project planning in Qlik Sense with more visualisation. Gantt is packed with advanced capabilities to keep your projects on track, and to help you optimise all of your resources at a glance!
  • Vizlib Collaboration – Teamwork should be a core focus of your organisation, and Collaboration helps you to achieve this. Share insights across the organisation, participate in discussions, and edit your data on the fly without leaving your Qlik app.

Are you ready to empower your team to be data literate rockstars?

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  • Highly customisable to suit your design needs
  • Templates to fast-track your dashboard creation

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