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Vizlib March 2020 Release

Vizlib March 2020 Release


All releases are compatible and readily tested with the most up-to-date version of Qlik Sense.


Watch our March Release Highlights here ?


Vizlib Finance Report v3.0.0

Save hours on your financial report setup with templates and integrated comments

Create clear, visually appealing balance sheets, cash-flow-reports and P&Ls with our new templates. And develop management reports that reveal key insights at a glance. Plus with this update, we’ve rolled out integrated comments to all Vizlib Finance Report users at no additional cost! You can now read and write comments at a cell level!


Download the latest version of Vizlib Finance Report.



Vizlib KPI Designer

Build powerful infographic-like designs that make your insights pop!

Vizlib KPI Designer now has a brand-new Bar Icon layer, empowering you to create infographic-like data stories on your dashboards! Get ready to turn data into business value through effective data storytelling.  


More info on this insight-focused capability in the full documentation.


Panel Search

Better UX and faster development with our Control Panel Search

The latest Panel Search capability in Vizlib Bar Chart, Line Chart and Vizlib Table for Qlik Sense allows you to jump straight to the settings you need, dramatically speeding up your development time!


Get more info on this time-saving capability in the documentation here.


Vizlib Templates

Speeding up your custom dataviz development

Create, save and share standardised, branded templates with Vizlib Templates for Qlik Sense, now available in Vizlib Table, Vizlib Pivot Table and Vizlib Filter. 


Discover more info on driving visual consistency in the full documentation.



Vizlib Bar Chart v2.4.0

Master Items Colours: Driving consistency and saving time

To provide improved Qlik Sense compatibility and further our plans to support Qlik themes, we have released support for Master Items Colours. Speed up your data analysis through clearer visual messaging by leveraging pre-defined colours on measures and dimension values.


More info on this efficient addition in the full documentation.



Vizlib Heatmap v1.11.0

Speed up the time to insights with additional context

Vizlib Heatmap for Qlik Sense now includes our handy HTML Tooltip capability, enabling you to provide additional, customised text and image context on hover. Empower technical and non-technical users to spot insights easily! 


Discover more on this context-adding capability in the full documentation.

News & Events

Upcoming Webinar: From Insights to Action

Join Vizlib and Partners, for a webinar on how to drive future-proof decisions with intuitive analytics. The webinar will explore the impact of collaborating within Qlik Sense, leveraging predictive analytics, and visual planning to stay ahead of operational performance issues and market trends. 


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It is possible to yield value from BI software and programme users. The right software solution should accelerate the adoption of BI and generate valuable insights that extend beyond the data engineering team. 


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Many companies are not prepared for remote working at the scale that’s abruptly been forced on them! And, though it’s putting considerable strain on technological infrastructure and the workforce, there are solutions.


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Data literacy is a subject that impacts the entire workforce. And organisations, like Qlik, shed light on how businesses can get more from data through training and easy-to-use BI software solutions. We have extracted a few highlights from their recent webinar, The Human Impact of Data Literacy.


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Vizlib March 2020 Changelog 

Vizlib Bar Chart

New Features

  • Property Panel Search (v2.4.0)
  • Master Item Colors (v2.4.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • When there’s no data available, the chart doesn’t re-render (v2.3.4)
  • Changes in Y-axis line change also the font colour field (v2.3.4)
  • Vizlib Bar chart auto font colour not working on bar values, in IE11 (v2.3.4)
  • Using variable with Qlik expression shows black instead of the intended colour (v2.3.4)
  • Drill-down field is not displaying the last dimension label (v2.3.4)
  • Reference line hidden behind bars (v2.3.4)
  • Show/Hide Snapshot & Fullscreen not working (v2.3.4)
  • Axis scale displays too much margin at the ends of the axis (v2.3.4)
  • Not taking full width of the sheet (v2.3.5)
  • Too much white space under the x-axis in horizontal mode (v2.3.5)
  • Axis not displayed or too small in Horizontal mode (v2.3.5)
  • Bars displayed only when they touch the top border (v2.3.5)
  • Alternative dimensions dropdown unavailable when bar chart is a master item (v2.3.5)
  • Duplicates values on the Bar Chart Tooltip (v2.3.5)
  • Console errors after adding second Dimension to Bar Chart (v2.3.5)
  • Duplicated symbol values and representation (v2.3.5)


Vizlib Filter 

New Features

  •  Implement Vizlib Templates (v3.2.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • “Calculation condition is not fulfilled” error although no calculation condition is set (v3.1.4)
  • Vizlib Filter Calculation condition error (v3.1.4)
  • Qlik Sense February 2020 Support (v3.2.0)


Vizlib Story Timeline






Bug Fixes ?

  • Incorrect icon for alternate state (v1.3.2)


Vizlib Calendar

Bug Fixes ?

  • Console errors (v1.6.2)
  • Calendar overflows borders (v1.6.2)
  • Cannot select more than 10220 data points (28 years) (v1.6.2)


Vizlib Heatmap




New Features

  • Vizlib Heatmap custom HTML tooltip (v1.11.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Heatmap sorting issue (v1.11.0)


Vizlib Pivot Table

New Features

  • Vizlib Templates are now available for the Vizlib Pivot Table (v2.11.0)
  • Property Panel Search (v2.11.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Export icon not displayed (v2.10.03)
  • Icons not exported when measure is blank (v2.10.03)
  • Dimension sorting doesn’t work (v2.10.03)
  • Vizlib Pivot Table object appears out of object bounds (v2.10.03)
  • Formatted export not working in MS Edge (v2.10.03)
  • Vizlib Pivot some identical dimension values are not getting merged (v2.10.03)
  • Condition colouring not working (v2.10.03)
  • “Object not found” appears when filter used in the side menu (v2.11.1)


Vizlib Line Chart

New Features

  • Added support for showing gaps between lines (v3.5.0)
  • Add legend scroll and improve the legend to match the Vizlib Combo Chart (v3.5.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Line is going out of bounds in “Natural” Mode (v3.5.0)
  • Date missing when using multi tooltip  (v3.5.0)
  • Line Chart tooltip not working in single mode (v3.5.0)
  • Qlik Sense February 2020 support (v3.5.0)
  • Vizlib Line Chart replicates data point when browser is resized  (v3.5.0)
  • Legend does not take all the available space on the right-hand side (v3.5.0)
  • Minichart cannot move in IE (v3.5.0)
  • Legend shown when unnecessary (v3.5.0)


Vizlib KPI Designer

New Features

  • Add Icon Bar layer (v1.10.0)


Vizlib Table

New Features

  • Property Panel Search (v3.7.0)
  • Vizlib Templates (v3.7.0) 

Bug Fixes ?

  • No Scrollbars on Vizlib Table in macOS Firefox 72.0.2 (v3.7.1)


Vizlib Advanced Text Object

Bug Fixes ?

  • Smart Editor cuts off text in Firefox (v1.7.4)
  • VATO Action – Export Filename not respected (v1.7.4)


Vizlib Slider

Bug Fixes ?

  • Qlik Sense February 2020 icon support (v1.2.2)
  • Console errors (v1.2.2)
  • Missing pointer (v1.2.2)
  • Vizlib Templates misc bug fixes (v1.2.2)


Vizlib Container Grid

Bug Fixes ?

  • Empty / Invalid Visualization in story mode (v2.4.5)
  • Export Object to PDF outputs blank page (v2.4.5)
  • Qlik Sense February 2020 support (v2.4.5)
  • Nested container objects produced incorrect export to Excel output (v2.4.5)
  • Hidden selection window confirmation (v2.4.5)


Vizlib Sheet Menu

Bug Fixes ?

  • “Object not found” appears when filter used in the side menu (v2.1.4)
  • Vizlib Templates misc bug fixes  (v2.1.4)



Vizlib Custom Report




New Features

  • Add option to have zero values on/off as default (v3.7.0)
  • Force object border colour (v3.8.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • Invalid parameters error (v3.8.0)


Vizlib Container Box

Bug Fixes ?

  • Missing icon for exporting data in QS Nov ’19 (v1.4.1)
  • Context menu is not working on Container Box (v1.4.1)


Vizlib Simple KPI

Bug Fixes ?

  • Issues when gaining access to the dimension settings (v1.6.8)


Vizlib Cards

Bug Fixes ?

  • Dot is not hidden when “Hide Rank” is enabled (v1.5.3)



Vizlib Finance Report

New Features

  • New back-end service for Finance Report using Vizlib Server (v3.0.0)
  • Implement expanded to n level (Open table expanded to level) (v2.5.0)
  • Use expression to colour measure title (v2.5.0)

Bug Fixes ?

  • No context menu when Finance Report is included in a Container (v2.5.0)



Vizlib Collaboration

Bug Fixes ?

  • [Enterprise Only] Editing comment is causing comments list to reload to newest comments (v1.3.2)
  • [Enterprise Only] User is able to edit a comment in the way that it contains only new lines (v1.3.2)
  • [Enterprise Only] Comments email distribution UI fixes (v1.3.2)
  • [Enterprise Only] Comment editing doesn’t work for Safari (v1.3.2)


Extension Versions


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