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Vizlib March release for Qlik Sense
April 1, 2021

Vizlib March 2021 Release

All releases are compatible and readily tested with the most up-to-date version of Qlik Sense.


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Simple bar chart in Qlik Sense

 Vizlib Bar Chart v2.9.0

Set display to suit your data exploration

Now all users can easily adjust the display settings for their Vizlib Bar Chart with enhancements to the Context Menu.  No need to go into edit mode or maximise the chart.  A hassle-free way for users to adjust chart display, keep the dashboard clean and simple, and drill-down to highlight important data.


Vizlib Bar Chart


Calendar for Vizlib Library for Qlik Sense

 Vizlib Calendar v1.9.0

Transform your calendar with more visual context

Power up your calendars with additional context in Qlik Sense and turn it into a visual planning and analysis tool!

✅ Analyse metrics and uncover date patterns by displaying a measure value near the date
✅ Highlight certain dates by displaying an icon near the date
✅ Colour code the calendar with Vizlib Heatmap to help you prioritise certain days


Vizlib Calendar for data analysis in Qlik Sense

Display data visually in Qlik Sense

 Vizlib Tiles v 2.0

More impactful visuals

Create more impactful tiles in your reports. Add a customised Gauge, Bullet Chart or Progress Bar as a layer to make your data message clearer. Simplify and streamline how you and your team explore data and answer business questions – add extra context, engage users and highlight insights for on-the-go analysis!


user-friendly visual analytics in Qlik Sense

Writeback capabilities for Qlik SenseVizlib Input Form
 Vizlib Writeback Table & Input Form v2.6.0

Writeback support expands to Google Big Query

Introducing a new writeback destination for Vizlib Collaboration: Google Big Query.  Use Collaboration in Qlik Sense to directly update, edit, write or insert data into your GBQ data source. And turn your dashboards into operational apps  – connecting up your business systems and closing the analytics loop – in the cloud!

Vizlib Gantt for Qlik Sense

 Vizlib Gantt v1.9.0

Improved user experience

Get streamlined event selection, the ability to display more detail on the chart and save space on the dashboard for essential event components.

✅ Intuitive use – select multiple Gantt events and groups in just a few clicks

✅ Add more context – add more detail to the chart with longer milestone labels

✅ More layout control – change the timeline position or enable side by side events to save dashboard real estate

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A big welcome and congratulations to our first group of Vizlib Legends! These geeky creators are Legendary in their fields! So, connect with them to share ideas on powering up your data analysis. And get inspired to build and create with Qlik Sense + Vizlib!


Vizlib Legends



No matter the industry, every leader wants to make decisions that result in business and team growth. The journey begins by making data understandable for all.  Take a look at our new industry pages to learn more.


Vizlib industry-focused solutions


 Is your finance team keeping up with the times and rapid changes in business expectations? Click on the link below to access our whitepaper and bonus demo video to gear up a future-fit finance team!


Creating future-fit finance teams with Qlik Sense

Upcoming webinars


Don’t miss out on our upcoming webinar that takes a deep-dive into Vizlib’s value-added products for Qlik Sense! You’ll discover more on the potential of customised tile-style summaries in Vizlib Self-Service, and tips and tricks to simplify your dashboards – creating clear, eye-catching, visual components that support on-the-go analysis.

Vizlib Tiles webinar

Explore the potential of Vizlib Gantt with presenters Joe Warbington, Vizlib, and James Sharp, Climber UK on Thursday, 15 April at 15:00 BST. And get ready to transform your project planning to easily visualise deadlines at a glance, collaborate smoothly and in context with your co-workers and update task progress and milestones on the fly!

Vizlib Climber webinar


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Vizlib March 2021 Changelog

Vizlib Line Chart
Vizlib Line Chart





  • re-factoring of the core build of this chart (v4.0.0)


Vizlib Combo Chart

Vizlib Combo Chart for Qlik Sense




New Features

  • Property Panel Search (v1.9.0)

Bug Fixes

  • Grid Lines Display (v1.9.0)


Vizlib Bar Chart

Simple bar chart in Qlik Sense




New Features

  • Context Menu Enhancements (v2.9.0)

Bug Fixes

  • App Numerical Abbreviations (v2.9.0)
  • Hiding Y-Axis in Trellis Container (v2.9.0)
  • Y-Axis Ticks Format (v2.9.0)

Vizlib Activity Gauge

Vizlib Library Gauge




New Features

  • Property Panel Search (v1.8.0)


Vizlib Container Grid

Vizlib Container Grid




Bug Fixes

  • Export To PDF (v2.8.4)
  • Variable to Set Tab Display (v2.8.4)
  • Copy Cell Value in Qlik Table (v2.8.4)


Vizlib Filter

Easily filter your data in Qlik Sense




New Features

  • Drag Select and Quick Select in Button Mode (v3.9.0)

Bug Fixes

  • Calculation Condition Error (v3.9.0)
  • Border Color (v3.9.0)
  • Rows Height Custom Style (v3.9.0)
  • Calculation Condition  (v3.9.0)
  • Calculation Condition not not fulfilled in v3.8.1 (v3.9.0)


Vizlib Calendar




New Features ⚡

  • Calendar Enhancements – Heatmap, Measure , Icons (v1.9.0 )

Vizlib Pivot Table

Pivot Tables in Qlik Sense




New Features

  • Export Custom Null Values to Excel (v2.15.0)

Bug Fixes

  • Maximizing Table Error (v2.15.0)


Vizlib Sheet Menu

Simple guided analytics in Qlik

Bug Fixes

  • Filter Search Box Hangs on Screen (v3.0.3)
  • Filter Search Box Hangs on Screen  (v3.0.3)
  • Logo and Title in Mobile (v3.0.3)
  • Logo Isn’t Displayed in Mobile (v3.0.3)


 Vizlib Table

Vizlib Table

Bug Fixes

  • Selections are Active in Read Only Mode (v3.16.2)
  • Null Values Don’t Appear in Initial Display (v3.16.2)
  • Dimensions Display Order (v3.16.2)
  • Selections are Active In Dimension Read Only Mode (v3.16.2)
  • Export total row in Image (v3.16.2)
  • Table version 3.16.2 Icons appear on table title  (v3.16.2)

Smooth project management in Qlik





New Features

  • Multi-selection  (v1.9.0)
  • Multi-line milestone text (v1.9.0)
  • Side by side events (v1.9.0)
  • Display timeline at the bottom (v1.9.0)


Smooth collaboration in Qlik Sense

Vizlib Writeback Table

Writeback capabilities for Qlik Sense




New Features

  • Google Big Query integration for Writeback (v2.6.0)
  • Ability to disable new file confirmation dialogue (v2.6.0)
  • Ability to disable auto lock function of the Submit Button (v2.6.0)

Bug Fixes

  • Pasting values improvements (v2.5.1)
  • Improved logic for numeric (v2.5.1)
  • Numeric component value integrity fixes when using min/max range (v2.5.1)
  • Conversion from Pivot Table and Vizlib Pivot Table (v2.5.1)
  • Tooltip displaying previous and current values sometimes is out of sync (v2.5.1)
  • Slider column type does not work on IE (v2.5.1)
  • Color component is always editable even if it should not be (v2.5.1)
  • IE styling fixes, rating, color and numeric components (v2.5.1)
  • Date component value handling logic improvements  (v2.5.1)
  •  Form layout wizard styling improvements  (v2.5.1)
  • Edit mode – issue while dragging to change columns order  (v2.6.0 )
  • Calculated column not able to display text values  (v2.6.0 )
  • Date cells marked as edited for single digit months on Writeback Table  (v2.6.0 )
  • Support for schemas in SQL destinations (v2.6.0 )
  • QVD export trims leading and trailing spaces (v2.6.0 )
  • Error while trying to writeback to a QVD when column headers include a new line character (v2.6.0 )


Vizlib Input Form

Vizlib Input Form

New Features

  • Google Big Query integration for Writeback (v2.6.0)
  • Ability to disable new file confirmation dialogue (v2.6.0)
  • Ability to disable auto lock function of the Submit Button (v2.6.0)
  • Configure new input form with Set Up functionality (v2.6.0)

Bug Fixes

  • Slider column type does not work on IE (v2.5.1)
  • Color component is always editable even if it should not be (v2.5.1)
  • IE styling fixes, rating, color and numeric components (v2.5.1)
  • Date component value handling logic improvements  (v2.5.1)
  • Form layout wizard styling improvements  (v2.5.1)
  • Inputs not cleared after writeback without a reload (v2.6.0)
  • Calculated column not able to display text values (v2.6.0)
  • Support for schemas in SQL destinations  (v2.6.0)
  • QVD export trims leading and trailing spaces (v2.6.0)


Vizlib Teamwork

Contextualised collaboration in Qlik

New Features

  • Support mentions on Qlik Cloud (v2.6.0)
  • Share by email – improved list of email suggestions when mentions are enabled (v2.6.0)

Bug Fixes

  • Comment input is losing focus, when someone posts message with a mention (v2.6.0)

Vizlib Server

VMC for Qlik Sense




New Features

  • New Server Version Notifications (v2.6.0)

Bug Fixes

  •  VMC –  No horizontal scroll for writeback audit trails with lots of columns (v2.6.0)
  • Creating an integration from a writeback destination view is not working  (v2.6.0)


Vizlib Simple KPI

Vizlib Simple KPI




Bug Fixes

  • Making Selections that results in variable changes causes KPI to get stuck (v1.7.1)


Vizlib Tiles

Display data visually in Qlik Sense




New Features

  • Add Header & Footer (v2.0.0)
  • Add Gauge as a layer type (v2.0.0)
  • Add Bullet-chart and progress bars as layer type (v2.0.0)

Bug Fixes

  • Pressing delete in Wizard should delete layer, not entire object (v2.0.0)
  • Wizard zoom/scroll does not allow edit on sides (v2.0.0)
  • Extension printing waits as long as it takes for pdf-printing (v2.0.0)


Vizlib Selection Bar

Selection Bar




Bug Fixes

  • Selections sometimes cause Selection bar to stop rendering (v1.9.1)

Vizlib Custom Report




New Features

  • Custom Report – Mashup Export Url Replace improvement (v5.10.0)
  • Control totals on/off per measure in custom data-sets (v5.10.0)

Bug Fixes

  • Sort group popup doesnt work (v5.10.0)
  • Order of columns in the table isn’t synchronized when it’s arranged by dragging the column header (v5.10.0)
  • Color choice for measure text not respected in Analytic Search (v5.10.0)
  • Custom Report – Number Format isn’t reflected on the chart (Sep 2020+ QS versions) (v5.10.0)
  • Save default state does not work on Qlik Sense September 2020 (v5.10.0)
  • Changing sort order in data set is not reflected in visualization (v5.10.0)
  • Trellis: Watermark and Title is displayed over left menu  (v5.10.0)
  • Bookmarks was not fixed for 100% of the situations (v5.10.1)
  • Order of columns in the table isn’t synchronized when it’s arranged by dragging the column header (v5.10.1)
  • Number format change on a Qlik native Table isn’t reflected until the page is refreshed (v5.10.1)


Bug Fixes

  •  Finance Report shows wrong number on sub-dimensions with identical lines (v2.8.3)
  • Finance report expand level with many values improve performance (v2.8.3)


Extension Versions

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