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From 2019 hindsight to 2020 vision
January 6, 2020

Vizlib Monday Digest: 2019 hindsight to 2020 vision


Monday, January 6th 

The Vizlib Monday Digest is a summary of recent articles about how data changes our lives. We’re sharing it with you to supercharge your week! (Feel free to share your comments!)


We begin with a glimpse into the past! Here are 5 of the top data and analytics articles for 2019 we thought you’d find interesting.


1. A live bar chart view of the most populated cities in the world from 1500 – 2018 in this Observable article

2. Mistakes provide an opportunity to learn. Review The Economist’s data visualisation mistakes and what they’ve learned from them in this popular article


Image credit: medium.economist.com


If you need assistance choosing the right chart for your visualisation, get additional direction in our DataViz Library. 


3. Data visualisation paints the picture of a data story. One conceptual artist visualised complex meteorological data in the form of an intricate sculpture. Check it out here.  

4. Ever wondered about the nature of the universe? Discover how data visualisation could reveal its secrets in this article

5. And, lastly, learn about Harvard Business Review’s take on cultivating an authentic data culture in this article.  


And back to the present…


Collaboration boosts intelligent insights. Approximately 94% of large enterprises understand the importance of analytics and data visualisation. Yet, staff at all levels must have access to and be able to use the resultant insights. Forward-thinking leaders should aim to enable every person, process, application, and device in their organisation with their data analytics strategy. Discover how this and other pillars shape an intelligent enterprise in this TechRadar article.


If you need an easy way to share data and collaborate with colleagues in Qlik Sense, Vizlib Collaboration can help. Find out how to bring your people and data together here.  

Vizlib Collaboration – a value-added product for Qlik Sense


Prescriptive analytics – benefits beyond sales conversions. Prescriptive analytics is fast overtaking predictive analytics as the next step in streamlining marketing efforts. Using AI and machine learning, it guides buyers with less need for human interaction. And, the benefits don’t stop there. Businesses can maximize not only sales but overall profit too. Read on in this Forbes article


Stepping into your customers’ shoes through analytics and AI. Mapping out the customer journey provides companies with the big picture of the customer experience. Adding analytics and AI to the mix allows for even greater customer insights and personalisation opportunities. Discover more on creating long-term customer relationships in this Analytics Insight article


Image credit: Analytics Insight


Five ways to direct BI to the right people. Business intelligence should shorten the distance between gathering data and gleaning valuable business insights.  By implementing BI tools such as dashboards and other self-service options, companies can increase the efficiency of their data pipeline. Learn more ways to get BI to those that need it in this article


Who’s more human: Robots or Gen Zs? The Gen Z cohort, born after 1996,  is now entering the world of work. And the concern—they may be less human than their robot colleagues. Gen Zs will have to focus on developing their people skills to best their AI teammates. By improving on skills like communication and collaboration, Gen Z’s may be able to land their ideal jobs of the future. Read on in this Reuter’s article.


And our Quote of the day on thriving in the digital age: 

“Don’t underwhelm overwhelming problems. You’re about to rock some serious apple carts, and people’s careers will be impacted. Get as much buy-in as you can every step of the way, and keep re-earning it. And plan for your business to be different by the time you come out the other end.” 

Drew Brown, CIO at Union Bank and Trust. 

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