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Vizlib Monday Digest: Amplifying business success with analytics

Vizlib Monday Digest: Amplifying business success with analytics

Monday, August 16th 

Keep up-to-date with the latest data analytics news in our Monday Digest summary snippets, and get more insight to make your data talk!


📰 Revving up predictive analytics with AI. During the pandemic, there has been a major uptake in predictive analytics in the manufacturing sector, along with other innovative technologies. Yet, since predictive analytics uses historical data for its forecasting capability, the data available over the pandemic period is unreliable. By adding AI into the mix, the accuracy considerably increases and aids in inventory management and delivery optimisation analysis, for instance. Read more in this Forbes article.

Clear, compelling visuals with Vizlib Library 

vizlib manufacturing viztips

📰 Entering a new era of banking intelligence.  In a time when the global status quo is turned on its head, banking institutions are innovating and transforming fast to stay a step ahead. Together with standard digital transformation, leading institutions are also pursuing another major shift – the move into the cloud. Learn more about this AI-powered journey in this Forbes article.

📰  Improving patient care with predictive analytics. Healthcare providers need to prioritise high-quality and value-based care. With the help of predictive analytics, these organisations can make data-driven decisions that transform patient care.  Learn more about the benefits of analytics in healthcare in this HealthITAnalytics article.


Simple advanced analytics capabilities with Vizlib Library

Simple advanced analytics in Qlik Sense


📰 Comparative analysis and data security. For marketers, comparative analysis is a key resource for better understanding customers. And as more and more customer data becomes available, the importance of data security must also take centre stage. Learn how secure data analysis can balance up the need for more detailed customer data in this article.

📰 5 best ways to segment customer lists.  Our partner, Enolytics, explores five easy ways to segment customer lists and boost sales as a result. Recognising customer anniversaries, holiday gifting suggestions and welcoming first-time customers, for instance, can help close the gap between you and your customers. For more tips, read on in their recent Enolytics article.

🤓 And our quote of the day:

“Data collection is crucial in the supply chain, but it is useless if it does not lead to action. We are gathering more data than ever — but we need AI to transform it into predictive and actionable insights. To get started today, you need to have a good plan and team buy-in to actually start capturing the data points and the appropriate technology on your journey towards fully implementing predictive analytics utilizing AI.” Kevin Beasley, VAI CIO