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Vizlib Monday Digest: augmenting business growth with analytics

Vizlib Monday Digest: augmenting business growth with analytics

Monday, 12th October

Keep up-to-date with the latest data analytics news in our Monday Digest summary snippets, and get more insight to make your data talk!


? The impact of analytics on company culture. Building trust in an organisation is vital for maintaining a productive work culture. In the current disrupted economy, businesses need reliable analytics solutions more than ever before to boost the confidence of individual and enterprise decision making. Read more in this Forbes article


? Navigating the growing world of manufacturing analytics. According to McKinsey, the manufacturing sector is producing more data than any other industry. Manufacturers are using solutions, such as operational analytics, to improve key performance areas and profit margins. And for resolving more complex issues, many leading enterprises are leveraging advanced analytics too. Explore further in this Forbes article


? Predictive analytics boosts patient care. Predictive analytics solutions in healthcare help organisations deliver more seamless, comprehensive patient care. Forecasting patient needs, for instance, is one way analytics is improving processes and assisting with resource planning and management. Learn more about patient care improvements in this HealthITAnalytics article

Vizlib’s new forecasting solutions for more accurate planning in times of uncertainty

Forecasting in Qlik Sense

 ? Unsecure analytics pipelines put business value at risk. The further data moves through the pipeline, the more attractive it is to hackers. And as more data is stored and managed from the cloud, businesses need better security measures in place. Data security should enable smooth and secure collaboration so organisations can continue to gain value from their data. Read on in this Forbes article

Enterprise-grade security in Qlik Sense with Vizlib’s enterprise-level writeback capability

? Public sector analytics in the cloud. The growing demand on the public sector is encouraging more organisations to explore the potential of the cloud. Though governments and similar institutions are traditionally slow to take up digital transformation, the current pandemic shake-up is forcing many to adapt quicker. Discover more on the future of cloud solutions in the public sector is this TechHQ article


And, our quote of the day


Across industries, we’ve known for years that advanced analytics is the future of business. Now it’s clearer than ever: Advanced analytics is about more than the bottom line. It’s about the individual success of each employee as well. The sooner business leaders acknowledge this connection, the more likely they are to build the resilient companies we need to face down future disruptions.  Omri Kohl, CEO and co-founder of Pyramid Analytics


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