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Vizlib Monday Digest: Data analytics – keeping the lights on and shining bright

Vizlib Monday Digest: Data analytics – keeping the lights on and shining bright


Monday, April 20th 

The Vizlib Monday Digest is a summary of recent articles about how data changes our lives. We’re sharing it with you to supercharge your week! (Feel free to share your comments!)


Manufacturing – who should lead the analytics drive?  Analysts believe the data science team should lead analytics processes. Yet, another school of thought suggests the business user should be driving manufacturing analytics. However, a combination of both may be the most beneficial, enabling engineers and data scientists to create a streamlined workflow. Read more in this Forbes article


Financial analytics – the guiding light in disruptive shadow. Keeping up with the rapid changes in the world requires finance solutions that are equally dynamic. Intelligent solutions, like predictive analytics, can drive mid-size business sustainability. Discover how finance leaders can carve a brighter business future in this Forbes article


If you want to learn more about predictive analytics and forecasting, check out our Advanced Analytics: Predictions to future-proof your business blog

Vizlib Line Chart showing trends and forecasting


Vizlib Line Chart showing trends and forecasting


People analytics the human connection we need. In this new ‘normal’, businesses need to focus more than ever on their human resources, the people that keep the engine running. People analytics helps to establish agile workflows and better manage the remote work environment. Learn more about the strategic benefits of people analytics in this Entrepreneur.com article


If you’re interested in more information on workflows, check out our Implementing workflows can streamline your business processes in Qlik Sense blog


Vizlib Workflows capability for Qlik Sense

Vizlib Workflows capability


Painting a post-covid data science picture. The data science landscape may look different after the global crisis with advancements in streaming analytics, robust NLP and cloud adoption. Discover additional analytics changes the data science team can prepare for in this article.     


Problem-solving with AI and analytics. AI can streamline processes and improve on data-driven decisions. The integration of AI into business processes should also speed up the time to insights. Discover how AI and analytics support the development of actionable dashboards in this TDWI article


And our Quote of the day

“Modern predictive analytics allows finance leaders and their teams to simulate various business outcomes when planning and assessing financials. This tool is especially helpful when no one course of action is appropriate at the time and many scenarios need to be considered.”

Pras Chatterjee, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Planning, and Analysis, SAP


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