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Data-driven development
December 9, 2019

Vizlib Monday Digest: Data-driven development [9/12]


Monday, December 9th 

The Vizlib Monday Digest is a summary of recent articles about how data changes our lives. We’re sharing it with you to supercharge your week! (Feel free to share your comments!)


Analytics powers up the supply chain. In the manufacturing sector, the supply chain is everything. Analytics provides the insights executives need to optimise and streamline resources. Fast-decision making and identifying potential risks quickly are among the benefits of leveraging analytics solutions. Discover more on generating business value with analytics and how to get started in this Forbes article.  


Capitalising on customer analytics. The more data you collate about customers, the better you understand them and can personalise your service or products to suit their needs. As a result, the business often experiences greater revenue margins. Data analytics is an essential tool for connecting with your customers and predicting their future behaviour. Read more here. 

Learn more about tuning in to your customers’ needs with data-driven marketing in our blog here. 


Data visualisation is at the heart of data-driven marketing 


Harnessing healthcare analytics lessons for business growth. In the healthcare sector, practitioners leverage big data to improve patient care and healthcare practices. Their big data approach and outcomes, like forecasting patient needs, are easily transferable to the general business sector. Find out more on advancing your business with analytics in this Forbes article. 

Interested in how visual analytics can benefit healthcare? Read more in our blog here. 


A healthcare dashboard built using Vizlib extensions


Data-driven recruitment can find real-life unicorns. Finding the ideal candidate for a position has long been a struggle for HR and recruitment practitioners. Luckily, data analytics is helping to remove the guesswork in the process through automated shortlisting and bias-free procedures. Learn more about increasing recruitment ROI with the right data solutions here.  


Dashboards for improving student and school performance. US schools are utilising data to track and monitor the growth of student and school performance. The data analytics tools allow resources to be allocated to learners and schools that require additional support and help to improve results. Read more on this innovative data-driven education model here. 


Image credit: caschooldashboard.org


And our Quote of the day: 

“As ‘Artificial Intelligence’ become more intelligent and prevalent, there’s a natural fear that grows within us. We can fear the dystopia brought on by not implementing AI correctly in our society. We can fear that AI will replace all of our jobs. We can fear our addictions to these technologies. Alternatively, we can try to understand it all and step back to really evaluate the cost and benefits of implementing AI in our workplaces. Using understanding, each one of us can help to shape our own future with AI.”

An excerpt from a towardsdatascience.com article by Jun Wu, content writer and technologist.   


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