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Data in the right hands
February 3, 2020

Vizlib Monday Digest: Data in the right hands


Monday, 3rd February

The Vizlib Monday Digest is a summary of recent articles about how data changes our lives. We’re sharing it with you to supercharge your week! (Feel free to share your comments!)


Leveraging your data investment. Extracting the best ROI from your data analytics efforts is a well-known path to differentiation. Yet, following the patterns of past success and applying new tactics, like moving towards aggregated data and building robust BI capabilities, can boost your business towards enhanced competitiveness. Read more in this Forbes article


Data profiling – avoiding data bottlenecks. Data profiling is a vital component in the data analytics process and when applied correctly creates higher quality data. Without proper data profiling, businesses can experience delays in their insights, bad decision making and potentially miss opportunities. Read on in this Towards Data Science article


Data governance and user control. Controlling user data lies in the hands of companies, regulators and everyday users. Though recent changes have improved data privacy, data governance solutions concerning structure and mitigation are still making slow progress. Discover more on the intricacies of data control in this insightful Harvard Business Review article


Image credit: TWDI.org


Self-service analytics supports Energy Management 4.0. Industry 4.0 in the energy sector, or Energy Management 4.0, is experiencing the benefit of self-service analytics, like improved energy efficiency at power plants. Discover more on the rewards of advanced industrial analytics solutions, like plant sensor data in this article


And for a detailed glimpse of the state of the fast-growing Fintech industry, take a look at this Visual Capitalist graphic.


Image credit: Raconteur [https://www.raconteur.net/infographics/the-world-of-fintech]


Plus our Quote of the day: 

“To get the most value from all the new tools and technologies, your organization needs to change its approach to preparing data. Because so many organizations are still approaching data with the assumption that data pipelines must be hand-coded, they’re wasting valuable resources doing so and should take advantage of automating the process.”

Heine Krog Iversen, CEO, TimeXtender. 



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