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Analytics news summary
September 21, 2020

Vizlib Monday Digest: Data is your best asset

Monday, September 21st 

Keep up-to-date with the latest data analytics news in our Monday Digest summary snippets, and get more insight to make your data talk!


? Analytics: saving lives in construction. Data analytics is commonly used to increase margins and business efficiency. And in the construction industry, it offers even more benefits. It has the potential to create a safer working environment that ultimately saves lives. Read more about how predictive modelling and other advanced analytics serve this industry in this TechTarget article.


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Forecasting in Qlik Sense Advanced analytics in Qlik Sense

?  Mitigating COVID-19 health disparities with Big Data. Thanks to data analytics tools, many healthcare providers could provide the right care to the right patients at the right time during this pandemic. However, the insights also revealed many disparities, such as lack of access to healthcare. Read more of the interview in this HealthITAnalytics article


? Interaction analytics rockets contact centre performance.  Contact centres generate vast quantities of data. By tapping into this resource effectively with interaction analytics, contact centres gain a holistic view of customer interactions and more insights for revenue opportunities. Discover how one insurance contact centre monitored 900% more calls with interaction analytics, in this article


? Managing unpredicted trade market risks. The shift from end-of-day analytics to near real-time provides the necessary speed for market intelligence in modern trading. Solutions that enable smooth information-sharing are key to meeting market demands. Read more on the power of analytics in this Traders Magazine article

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Smooth collaboration in Qlik Sense

? Transforming the manufacturing sector.  According to a recent industrial survey, the introduction of analytics programmes has pushed up diagnostic abilities by 102% and predictive capabilities by 66% in manufacturing. The transformation journey often begins with a look at an organisation’s own data and then employing the right analytics solution to create effective action and value. Read on in this Automation World article


And our quote of the day


“…and 2020 has only accelerated the need to access data and analytics in easier and better ways to ultimately share information more seamlessly.”

Catherine Clay, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Information Solutions at Cboe

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