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February 22, 2021

Vizlib Monday Digest: Embracing a data-driven future

Monday, February 22nd
Keep up-to-date with the latest data analytics news in our Monday Digest summary snippets, and get more insight to make your data talk!


Top 4 big data analytics trends for 2021. Businesses need the right analytics technology to get value from their data. Trends such as AI deepening insights, the power of data visualisation and hybrid cloud solutions can point decision makers in the right direction with big data. Explore further in this Forbes article, authored by Bernard Marr. 


6 tips for good big data prep. What is stopping organisations getting the maximum value from their data? Often it’s not a technology or software barrier, but rather a lack of integration between data assets. For seamless integration, businesses should adopt principles such as high-speed data acquisition and processing, and ensuring good data quality. Read about additional ways to get more from data in this ITWeb article


FP&A: from number crunchers to business partners. Transforming the finance function requires the right pace and focus. By addressing common issues such as a lack of buy-in and managers stuck in traditional approaches, the FP&A team can shift to a more dynamic role that supports better value generation. Explore further challenges and solutions in this CFO article


Time to embrace the future – self-service. With customers, clients, partners and programmes screaming for more data, faster, the IT department is oftentimes over-burdened. By providing end-users with self-service analytics solutions, the pressure on IT decreases and frees up time for higher level functions. Read further about the benefits of self-service in this article.  

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The benefits of data-driven business. In the past, decisions were often based on a business leader’s gut feel. But in today’s hyper-competitive market, decisions must be supported by data to get the valuable insights that keep an organisation a step ahead.  Explore how data analytics and visualisation help the business be more agile and efficient in this article.

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And our quote of the day

“Self-driving cars, lifelike robots, and autonomous delivery drones are the sexy, headline-grabbing face of the digital transformation that we see all around us today. None of these would be possible, though, without data – the oil of the fourth industrial revolution – and the analytic technology we’ve built to allow us to interpret and understand it.”  Bernard Marr, best-selling author and strategic business & technology advisor. 


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