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Vizlib Monday Digest: Expanding the layers of data

Vizlib Monday Digest: Expanding the layers of data


Monday, March 2nd 

The Vizlib Monday Digest is a summary of recent articles about how data changes our lives. We’re sharing it with you to supercharge your week! (Feel free to share your comments!)


How to maximise data value. When an organisation’s investment in data doesn’t produce the expected returns, the blame often falls to the people. Yet, it’s a combination of the human factor plus the software tools that create a result. To ensure a successful outcome with data analytics, the right software is crucial. Pairing the right solution with your team’s needs is possible when you ask questions like whether your team knows how to use the tools. Read further in this Forbes article


Leveraging data to drive activation-ready analytics. Does your data analytics strategy result in meaningful insights?  To help your business avoid fruitless initiatives, your business may benefit from a new analytics approach. By prioritising high-value Key Business Questions (KBQs) over pipe dreams, for instance, you can evolve and leverage data effectively. Discover more steps to meaningful analytics in this Harvard Business Review article



Data  – causing waves in the Pharma and healthcare landscape. The integration of data in the pharma and healthcare sectors has improved data practices and the value of analytics insights. It is changing the face of operations and driving better patient outcomes. Read more about this valuable data analytics evolution here


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vizlib sankey chart for qlik sense by infozone

From the Qlik Sense demo app for Life Sciences created by Infozone Intelligence, featuring the Vizlib Sankey Chart


Reviewing common data challenges in government institutions. Public servants that work with data, often experience common obstacles in using data effectively. These shared challenges, including advance budgeting for data initiatives, sourcing the right talent and updating legacy systems, can span multiple layers of government. Read more in this govtech.com article


Lastly, a look at the last decade visualised by members of the Data Visualization Society. 


Image credit: Data Visualization Society (Tiffany France)


And, finally, our Quote of the day

Ultimately, bridging the divide between analytical insight and business value is less a stepwise process than a layered one. It involves selecting the right high-value Key Business Questions, assembling cross-functional teams to ensure activation is considered from the start, and formalizing the analytics process in a way that enables collaboration across disciplines.” 

Kevin Troyanos, Head of Analytics, Publicis Health.


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