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July 12, 2021

Vizlib Monday Digest: From data curious to data champion

Monday, July 12th 

Keep up-to-date with the latest analytics news in our Monday Digest summary snippets, and get the insights to support smarter decisions.

📰 Improving healthcare with predictive analytics and AI. Assessing risks and predicting outcomes in healthcare becomes far easier when predictive analytics and AI are involved. Not only can these new solutions improve diagnosis time, they can also help doctors measure the effectiveness of particular treatments.  Read more about how data is changing healthcare in this article.

Learn more about healthcare analytics with Vizlib

📰 Building a data-first marketing team.  Is your marketing team making decisions backed by data? Best practices to get started include prioritising data visualisation over collection, and promoting critical thinking.  Discover more on leveraging data to weigh up the risks and opportunities in marketing in this Forbes article.

📰 Are AI and analytics at the core of your business? Though many executives realise the importance of AI and analytics, many are not sure how it all works or what work it can do for their business. Well, as more AI is integrated into an organisation, the more important it is that the organisation get it right. Get a head start with your AI journey in this PWC article.

📰 10 data science concepts beginners need to know. Getting to grips with data science is not something that happens overnight (unless your surname happens to be Turing). But you can get ahead by familiarising yourself with a few basic concepts, such as data visualisation, outliers and linear discriminant analysis. If these terms sound Greek to you, learn some basic terminology in this Analytics Insights article.

UN SDG goals visualised with the power of Vizlib Library. Created by Jesse van Haastern.

UN Youth SDGs with Vizlib dashboard

📰 Battle for a more sustainable world.  Jesse van Haastern, an intern at our partner Bitmetric, recently created an app with Qlik + Vizlib supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. His app not only won the QlikWorld 2021 Datathon, he has also recently presented it at a UN Youth webinar too. Read more about his dataviz learning path in this Bitmetric article.

🤓 And our quote of the day:

“Being a marketing leader today means you have to be a data champion for your team. That means prioritizing a visualization-first approach to collecting data and encouraging storytelling. Invest in your team’s critical thinking training, and, more importantly, create a safe space for your team to make decisions with limited information. This can help you create a data-driven approach to your marketing in an ever-so-uncertain world.” Mo Dezyanian, President of Toronto media consulting group Empathy Inc.

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