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Vizlib Monday Digest: Getting a grip with data-analytics

Vizlib Monday Digest: Getting a grip with data-analytics


Monday, May 4th

The Vizlib Monday Digest is a summary of recent articles about how data changes our lives. We’re sharing it with you to supercharge your week! (Feel free to share your comments!)


Data analytics – the existential hope. The importance of data-driven decisions in times of crisis cannot be overstated. The insights that data science provides transcend boundaries and enable solutions that benefit society as a whole. Data analytics is fast becoming part of the fabric of modern living and, for enterprises, it highlights opportunities to survive and prosper. Discover more in this Forbes article


Matching data analytics and use cases. Data analytics helps businesses maximise the efficiency of their processes to gain more value. And, as the technological and user landscape changes, so do analytics solutions. Learn more about leveraging self-service, cloud and predictive analytics in this article


If you’re interested in solutions that engage all data users, take a look at our recent self-service Analytic Search capability blog


Vizlib Custom Report for Vizlib Self-Service showing analytic search capability

Vizlib Analytic Search capability


Boosting performance in eCommerce. KPIs are a vital tool for monitoring business targets. For eCommerce BI managers, competitive advantage lies in building a sound framework to identify, track and visualise KPIs and customising it to suit their business. Discover more dataviz tips in this article.  


Big data analytics transforming fintech. The analysis of big data helps businesses improve their understanding of their customers, business processes and the market. In fintech, BI leaders leverage big data analytics for better-informed insurance practices, to generate more accurate pricing and increase personalisation. Read on about finance transformation in this FinTech article


If you want to support your finance team’s journey to analytical insights, read more in our best practices in financial reporting blog

Vizlib Library for Qlik Sense - Financial dashboard

Financial Dashboard built with Vizlib


And, lastly some dataviz funny for the coffee addicts out there with Matt Shirley. 



Plus, our Quote of the day

“We are all healthier and better off when decisions are based on data, expertise, and science, tempered by human judgement, wisdom, compassion, and empathy.”

Randy Bean, author, and CEO of NewVantage Partners


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