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Data analytics news summary
September 14, 2020

Vizlib Monday Digest: Going with the data flow

Monday, Sep 14th 

Keep up-to-date with the latest data analytics news in our Monday Digest summary snippets, and get more insight to make your data talk!


? Adopting behavioural analytics in finance. In the finance sector, behavioural analytics is helping institutes balance accessibility and security. By monitoring user behaviour, such as the way users type, cybersecurity specialists are able to spot anomalies quicker. Discover more benefits in this Forbes article.


? The road to improving data literacy. Data literacy is a key requirement for business growth in our modern data-driven market. Organisations, such as Qlik and The Data Literacy Project, provide a great place for businesses to start or improve on their data literacy journey. Find out more about boosting data citizenship in this CIO article


? More AI for Qlik’s Insight Advisor. Recent updates to Qlik’s Insight Advisor have added more augmented analytics power. Users will benefit from search-based visual analysis, conversational analytics and generally uncover more previously hidden insights with the new features. Learn more about Qlik’s AI assistant to gain more value from your data in this Solutions Review article

One of Vizlib’s updates includes creating a Custom Report in any Qlik Sense app in 12 seconds!



? Predictive AI in cybersecurity. Keeping your data safe is becoming more challenging as cyber risk changes. To adapt quickly to threats, AI makes solutions, such as predictive defence and threat identification possible. Read more about managing cybersecurity with AI in this Analytics Insight article

  • Get enterprise-grade security when you write back to your databases with Vizlib Server

Writeback to your chosen database or other business systems with Vizlib Server’s new writeback capability

Enterprise-level Writeback in Qlik

? Tekken – reinventing dataviz design! The design process developers follow to create their data visualisations can be vastly different from one developer to another. One Data Visualization Society contributor adapted her design process based on Tekken! Find out more about her creative process in this Nightingale article


 And, our quote of the day

“As we move on to the next generation of technologies such as 5G, it is essential that leaders create a data literate foundation that will make investing in them worthwhile. The best place to start is by diagnosing where an organization falls on the data literacy spectrum, then working holistically with a BI partner toward making the necessary improvements.”


Jordan Morrow, Global Head of Data Literacy, Qlik


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