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June 8, 2020

Vizlib Monday Digest: Keeping the data flowing


Monday, 8th June

Keep up-to-date with the latest data analytics news in our Monday Digest summary snippets, and get more insight to make your data talk!


Selecting the best BI tools for your business. As enterprises move beyond technological barriers to BI user adoption, organisational roadblocks often become the next hindrance to smooth data analytics. To ensure you choose a solution that keeps the data flowing, read Bernard Marr’s suggestions for the top BI and analytics platforms in 2020, including Qlik, in this Forbes article.  

If you need more information about choosing the right analytics solution for your business, take a look at our guided vs self-service analytics blog


Vizlib Custom Report for Qlik Sense


Vizlib Custom Report for Vizlib Self-Service easily enables users to switch dimensions, measures and visualisations


The data wrangling struggle. Without clean, structured data available for analysis, business leaders cannot get the right insights to drive strategic decision-making. The preparation of data, or data wrangling, traditionally consumes up to 80% of a data scientist’s time.  Yet, the process can be streamlined with tools such as data visualisation, AI and Robotic Process Automation. Discover more on streamlining your data prep in this article


The rise of immersive analytics. Analytics is a valuable tool for extracting insights from data, yet not all businesses are gaining maximum value from their data. With the introduction of immersive analytics, companies now have new vistas for exploring data visually. Read on about the potential benefits, such as seamless data interpretation and enhanced decision-making, in this article.  


If you’re keen to take your dataviz skills to the next level and drive home insights visually, take a look at our new Visual Analytics page.  




Leveraging data to fight the infodemic. The world is shifting to a new pandemic-directed operating basis. The resultant data deluge provides an opportunity for governments to fight both the spread of disease and misinformation; the infodemic. Discover which criteria, such as a credible and dynamic data source, can guide governments to best leverage the flood of data in this World Bank article


To improve the flow of data in your organisation and close the analytics loop, take a look at our blog on one of our writeback capabilities for Qlik Sense: Vizlib Input Form


Vizlib Input Form for Vizlib Collaboration


Lastly, an intriguing visual analysis of 30 years of nautical piracy



Image credit: esriurl.com/piracytime | John Nelson


And finally, our analytics Quote of the day, from the World Bank: 

“Using the criteria or salience, non-redundancy, content, and actionality are critical in giving greater sense and meaning to the ever-turbulent sea of new data, especially in times of crisis and beyond.”

Kai Kaiser, Senior Economist, World Bank


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