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July 27, 2020

Vizlib Monday Digest: Keeping up with the times


Monday, July 27th 

Keep up-to-date with the latest data analytics news in our Monday Digest summary snippets, and get more insight to make your data talk!


? Tap into the latest trends in BI and dataviz. Big Data is flooding the data pipeline in many industries. To ensure your organisation operationalises data analytics effectively, explore the latest trends such as Augmented Intelligence, Plug ‘n Play analytics solutions, collaborative BI and contextualised data visualisation.  Discover what’s new in BI in this Analytics Insights article


Vizlib Teamwork, included in Vizlib Collaboration, enables smooth collaboration where your data is in Qlik Sense

Smooth collaboration in Qlik

? Improving IT resilience with AI. With the increase in digitisation and automation, AI-based platforms may be the best solution for maintaining robust IT systems. Businesses incorporating predictive analytics through AIops, can improve their chances of spotting problems and handling them quickly. Read more about the benefits of proactive IT in this TechTalks article


Vizlib Line Chart’s advanced analytics capabilities for Qlik Sense can help to future-proof your business

Advanced Analytics in QS

? New coding languages for the data team. R, Python, Java and C are a few of the popular languages in the data science industry. Yet, to keep up with changing times, new coding languages are also emerging. These new contenders, such as Go, Swift and Scala have been created to solve new problems and use cases. Read more about the emerging coding languages in this Analytics Insight article


? Data analysts are skilled-up for the future. Data analysis is an essential skill in our digital age. And to keep at the top of your game, you need to maintain your skillset in areas including SQL, programming, data visualisation, and AI and machine learning. Learn more about harnessing new opportunities with the right skills in this Analytics Insights article.



? And a visual commemoration to musicians in Vienna after 1945 from the Centre for Visual Analytics Science and Technology. 

Image credit: cvast.tuwien.ac.at 


Finally, our Quote of the day from the Harvard Business Review:

“Adopting new technologies has always been a major challenge—and the more impact a technology has, the bigger the challenge is. Because of its potential impact, artificial intelligence may be perceived as particularly difficult to implement. Yet if done mindfully, adoption can be fairly smooth. That is precisely why companies must ensure that AI’s design and development are responsible—especially with regard to transparency, decision autonomy, and privacy—and that it engages the people who will be working with it.”


By Boris Babic , Daniel L. Chen , Theodoros Evgeniou and Anne-Laure Fayard – Harvard Business Review.


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