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Vizlib Monday Digest: Leveraging data for intelligent management

Vizlib Monday Digest: Leveraging data for intelligent management


Monday, 6th July

Keep up-to-date with the latest data analytics news in our Monday Digest summary snippets, and get more insight to make your data talk!


? 6 data analytics trends to help your business get ahead. To leverage the opportunities found in data and learn from the challenges, organisations should embrace trends such as real-time visualisation, acquiring timely data insights and data-as-a-service. Discover additional analytics trends and how your business can harness them in this Forbes article



How to set up Vizlib Writeback Table for Qlik Sense


? Faster time to market with embedded analytics. Nowadays data users can leverage embedded analytics to drill-down into data and extract insights without the help of IT. Or develop improved operational performance by making data more visible to all users. Read further about embedded analytics best practices and how to get started in this TechRepublic article


? 3 common barriers to analytics adoption. New analytics solutions can offer major reward, but only if the users feel confident to utilise the platform. Other barriers to real-time, valuable insights include the quality of data and the necessary synergy of a data culture. See how companies overcome these BI challenges in this Analytics Insight article



It’s important to understand the difference in technical skills between business users and data scientists 


? The impact of small ‘aha’ moments in analytics. Everybody has their expectations when it comes to data analytics. And when the results don’t line up, execs and managers can feel frustrated. Yet, even small ‘aha’ moments can have a great impact. Read more about using analytics for root cause analysis,  affirming what was intuited and providing real intelligence in this Forbes article



A short video on financial adjustments and budgeting with Vizlib Writeback Table for Qlik Sense



? Benefits of advanced analytics in supply chain management. To ensure a smooth workflow, businesses need good visibility in their supply chain. Advanced analytics helps to predict and problem solve the issues within the growing complexity of supply chain management. Learn how predictive analytics can potentially prevent future mishaps in this CIOReview article



And,  our Quote of the day

“Once the data analysis confirms what was believed to be true, then analytics resources can be deployed elsewhere. Across any company, there are numerous areas in which generative analytics, in particular, can identify key drivers and provide confirmation (along with the occasional surprise). No matter how surprising the outcome, solid evidence should never be a disappointment.”

Joel Shapiro, Clinical Associate Professor of Data Analytics at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management


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