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November 16, 2020

Vizlib Monday Digest: More access = more data power

Monday, November 16th 

Keep up-to-date with the latest data analytics news in our Monday Digest summary snippets, and get more insight to make your data talk!


? Equal access to data and technology. Gaining access to the data and technology your department needs to succeed might be hindered by your organisation’s resource budget. But that may not be the only limiter. Technological disparities, such as unequal data access could also be a factor. Discover how to restore balance with solutions such as mapping systems to business capabilities, in this HBR article



? Fusing analytics and banking in the future. Together with assisting business functions such as fraud, compliance and risk, analytics will likely play an even broader role in banking going forward. To keep up with customer needs, financial services institutions need a dynamic analytics ecosystem that caters to rapidly growing numbers of transactions and the need for decision intelligence.  Read further in this article


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? How to choose the right data stack. Data stacks help businesses collect, store, model and report on data. Solutions that consider data quality and transparency and easily slot in with existing analytics components, provide businesses with the greatest control. Read on in this article


? The growth of data analytics during COVID-19. More executives are investing in data analytics solutions amid pandemic disruptions. And they’re getting assistance with management, business continuity and augmenting human capabilities with AI and analytics. Discover more on using solutions, such as advanced analytics, to benefit customers and employees in this CMSWire article


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Forecasting in Qlik Sense


? Fine-tuning dataviz to more use cases. A sales rep and ops manager will view and use data very differently.  By understanding the business issues and choosing the right visualisation type for your audience, users will be equipped with the insights they need to take strategic action. See more dataviz tips in this TechRepublic article


And our quote of the day

“Uneven access to data, tech investment, and automation tools can have a corrosive effect on morale and business performance. But companies can begin to address these technological disparities by prioritizing growth areas that require a rapid return.” Ramnath Venkataraman, Paul R. Daugherty and H. James Wilson, Accenture. 



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