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Vizlib Monday Digest: Narrowing the gap between data and users

Vizlib Monday Digest: Narrowing the gap between data and users

Monday, January 18th 

Keep up-to-date with the latest data analytics news in our Monday Digest summary snippets, and get more insight to make your data talk!


? How to create successful customer analytics. Businesses that pay close attention to what customers are saying can meet their needs quicker, boosting customer relations and profit margins. Successful customer analytics hinges on factors such as sales and marketing strategies, the organisation’s data and infrastructure and data science expertise. Uncover more elements for customer analytics success in this Forbes article


? Disruptive SaaS trends to look out for. The SaaS market is expanding rapidly to meet the need for faster, smoother business processes. Along with the increased adoption of AI, other trends include more BI adoption to provide real-time insights, and the continued growth in self-service models to serve the growing number of remote workers. Read further in this article


Simplify how users slice and dice their data with Analytic Search in Vizlib Self-Service
simplifying self-service reporting in Qlik Sense

? More business value with DataOps. Businesses trying to speed up production can run into a common bottleneck—deployment into business processes. DataOps is one way leaders are solving data deployment and consumption issues. Learn more about using DataOps to deliver the right value proposition in this IT World Canada article


? Choosing the right embedded analytics solution. Embedded analytics incorporates analytics and data visualisations into apps to simplify data exploration and reporting. To ensure you’re selecting the right solution for your business, consider factors such as scalability and flexibility, ease-of-use, and agility of the model. Read on in this Analytics Insights article


? Innovations shaping the 3rd wave of BI. Business intelligence is essential for understanding customers and maintaining a lead over competitors. Though the role of BI teams has not changed considerably over the last decade, the tools have improved. Innovations, such as the shift from data-centric stacks to network-centric and the growing need for data storytelling, have brought data closer to the end-user. Explore further in this Analytics Insights article


Help users get instant insights on hover with customisable Viztips in Vizlib Library
Customisable tooltips in Qlik Sense

?  And our quote of the day


Becoming a truly customer-centric organization requires significant effort but can be highly valuable to businesses as they work to compete for customer attention and loyalty. Leveraging today’s complex but advanced customer analytics technologies can be a game-changer for enterprises that are ready to provide their business users with the insights they need to seek out and serve their customers in the most desirable way possible.  Patrick McDonald, Director of data science at Wavicle Data Solutions. 


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