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Vizlib Monday Digest: optimising for a smarter, more successful 2021

Vizlib Monday Digest: optimising for a smarter, more successful 2021

Monday, January 11th 

Keep up-to-date with the latest data analytics news in our Monday Digest summary snippets, and get more insight to make your data talk!


? Balancing transformation risk and reward.  As organisations try to improve operational efficiency and productivity through digital and analytics transformation, more risks creep into the picture. With a successful risk strategy, businesses should gain a better understanding of risks, manage change at speed and overcome operational challenges. Discover what elements to include in your risk framework in this McKinsey article


? Essential 2021 data management trends. Though enterprises have been collecting and using data for decades, many still don’t have the data management tools to maximise the value of their data. Improving data management is possible by exploring trends in augmented analytics, self-service analytics and interactive data visualisation, for instance. Read further in this Forbes article

  • Add more visual impact to your self-service reporting with Vizlib Tiles


Create easily-digestible visuals for your self-service reports in Qlik Sense with Vizlib Tiles

? Best practices for optimising analytics reports. Analytics should get the right info into the right hands quickly. By applying best practices such as staying in tune with business needs, dashboards that enable easy exploration and standardising report formats, businesses can continually improve their analytics reporting. Read on in this TechRepublic article


? BI and analytics for smarter manufacturing. Improving yield and performance is essential in manufacturing. And manufacturers leveraging real-time data are seeing big changes in productivity, reduction in errors and a faster time to market. Learn more in this Analytics Insight article.

Streamline manufacturing insights  with Viztips – more context on hoverStreamlining manufacturing analytics in Qlik Sense


? The benefits of AI + analytics.  To meet user demands, more and more software applications are leveraging the power of AI and analytics. Industries such as cybersecurity, financial services and healthcare are creating leaner workflows as a result. Explore further in this article


And our quote of the day

“…the evolution toward public cloud-native services makes data analysis accessible, affordable and nontechnical. You can get data insights without learning or knowing how to code using self-service data management tools. It is the democratization of analytics and data management for all.”

Daniel Hussem, Director of Marketing and Product for Troparé Inc. 


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