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Vizlib Monday Digest: Riding the tides of change

Vizlib Monday Digest: Riding the tides of change

Monday, April 12th 

Keep up-to-date with the latest data analytics news in our Monday Digest summary snippets, and get more insight to make your data talk!


📰 Rapid changes to enterprise analytics and BI. Pandemic-driven disruptions run deep in the business world, especially with an organisation’s data. Qlik’s CTO, Mike Potter, explains how organisation’s work with data differently in the new normal, and can no longer rely on historical data to make business decisions. The answer lies in predictive analytics, according to Potter. Explore how to leverage analytics to become a more value-centric, agile organisation in this InformationWeek article

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📰 Securing your data with good governance. Data security is top of mind for business leaders in this new IoT era, or it should be at least.  And though AI and IoT enhanced solutions can help enterprises gain a competitive edge, decision-makers need to take certain precautions. Access control and audit procedures are two key functions your governance solution should include. Read on about keeping your data secure in this Forbes article

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📰 Graphs, quantum computing and IT analytics. The use of graphs is growing in IT. Graphs make it easier to understand data relationships and can save on processing time. As IT expands further into bigger, deeper data sources, processing could become more complex. And that’s why a combination of graphs and quantum computing could be the solution in the future to process data faster than traditional methods. Read more in this TechRepublic article


📰 The power of visualisations – the great ice meltdown. Take a look at this visualisation revealing how 28 trillion tonnes of the planet’s ice has melted away over just the last 24 years! Check out the shocking visualisation in this blog


📰 3 steps to boost user engagement and data literacy. Our partner, Climber, unpacks how the right analytics solutions help to boost the user’s confidence to explore data independently and eventually ask and answer their own business questions. Dive in deeper in this Climber blog


👉 And, our quote of the day

Data is critical to help businesses pivot in a challenging year like 2020. But they couldn’t rely on last year’s data. A lot of the questions they had were around scenarios, simulations, predictive analytics, machine learning, and modeling techniques. That changes the entire role. Mike Potter, Qlik CTO. 


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