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Vizlib Monday Digest: Smarter business decisions with analytics

Vizlib Monday Digest: Smarter business decisions with analytics

Monday, November 9th 

Keep up-to-date with the latest data analytics news in our Monday Digest summary snippets, and get more insight to make your data talk!


? Addressing uncertainties with agile analytics. Understanding the data landscape is the first step to delivering a seamless customer experience. With a strategic plan, leading businesses can drive real-time decision-making and become more data-driven. Discover how to employ agile solutions to get the most from your data in this Forbes article


? Bolstering food & beverage industry with analytics. Though the food & beverage industry has continued operating throughout the pandemic, enterprises can improve their supply chains with big data analytics. Areas such as quality control, better management and sentiment analytics are a few of the benefits analytics introduces. Read on in this Analytics Insight article.  


? Improving local government outcomes with analytics. Predictive analytics is becoming more commonplace in public service institutions like governments. Early adopters are benefiting from decision support and improved responsiveness to better resource management. Discover what predictive analytics is, current use cases and how to implement it in public sector organisations in this UK Local Government Association comprehensive guide

Better planning and predictions with advanced analytics forecasting in Vizlib Library for Qlik Sense

Forecasting in Qlik Sense


? Data management is key to managing business disruption. Keeping up-to-date with data management systems is increasingly vital in today’s business climate. To maintain and leverage data for the growing number of data users in the digital workplace, business leaders need to understand and apply best practices, such as leveraging DataOps and low-code analytics solutions that improve workflows and collaboration. Read more on the fundamentals of data management in this CMSWire article


Simplify and streamline workflows with Vizlib Collaboration

Streamlined workflows in Qlik

? Grabbing more business value with data visualisation.  Gaining the right insights from big data is a challenge for many businesses. But with data visualisation and visual analytics solutions, it’s easier for all data users to explore data and gain valuable insights. Discover how dataviz helps businesses reach their goals in this Analytics Insight article


And our quote of the day

“Data-driven decision-making processes deliver more confidence to leaders, making business decisions easier and more efficient. When it’s quick and easy to access data, the information to make the most informed decisions is in front of you. It’s a logical and concrete way to support decisions. Gut instincts and intuition alone simply aren’t enough. Analytics supported by complete and trusted data provide confidence in making important choices, allowing an organization to commit fully to a particular vision or strategy.”  Frank Vella, CEO of Information Builders


Value-added extensions for Qlik Sense

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Go beyond native Qlik Sense to supercharge your analytics

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