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Monday Digest analytics news snippets
May 17, 2021

Vizlib Monday Digest: Smarter + faster = survival

Monday, May 17th 

Keep up-to-date with the latest data analytics news in our Monday Digest summary snippets, and get more insight to make your data talk!


📰 SaaS and the data science evolution. SaaS and real-time BI are 2 key components driving the evolution of data science. The importance of digital transformation and having the right solutions to provide active intelligence in times of crisis is the way forward for businesses. Read more about what Qlik’s Dan Sommer had to say in this TechTarget article


📰 Analytics for smarter healthcare. The US Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory has improved how it uses data, providing greater data access and more intuitive analytics tools. As a result, federal healthcare officials can drill-down into key data and gain the insights they need quickly. Read more about how data is improving healthcare in this blog

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📰 Improving CX with predictive analytics. Predictive analytics is a fantastic tool for predicting customer behaviour. But users should avoid certain pitfalls, such as not linking it to an actual problem the business is trying to solve.


📰 4 ways to align analytics with automation. Businesses need to match up analytics and automation efforts with the maturity level of the business. At stage 1, you’re focussing on day-to-day execution – the what. This is followed by answering basic business questions – the why. Read more about leveraging the right analytics at the right time in this article


📰 Improving the CX with conversation analytics. Conversation analytics is similar to sentiment analytics but takes the analysis deeper. The insights can be a great help to call centre agents in helping them deal with customers better. Learn how this solution can result in customers feeling more valued in this blog


And, our quote of the day


“It’s all about your ability to reposition yourself to create a new future. The pace of change has been accelerating and we see disruptive anomalies becoming more common. In the short term, the switch from physical to digital operations is a matter of survival.” Dan Sommer, Senior Director and Market Intelligence Lead, Qlik. 


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