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Vizlib data analytics news summary
April 19, 2021

Vizlib Monday Digest: the value of deeper analysis

Monday, April 19th 

Keep up-to-date with the latest data analytics news in our Monday Digest summary snippets, and get more insight to make your data talk!


📰 Driving autonomous operations with prescriptive analytics. COVID-19 has pushed companies to prioritise digital transformation and strive for autonomous operations. Yet, without leveraging all 3 major stages of analytics – descriptive, predictive and prescriptive, this goal can be hampered. Learn more about ramping up automation in your operations in this Forbes article


📰 Analytics = more marketing success. Data and analytics are key to successful marketing, and help the marketing team stay connected with the customer. To keep up with rapid changes, the department needs to know not only what happened, but why and what to do about it. Read more in this CMSWire article


📰 DataOps: the future of healthcare automation. Healthcare organisations have everything to gain by adopting DataOps. From developing a single source of truth to clinical optimisation, the benefits lead to better resource management and increased revenue. Discover how to get started with DataOps in this article



With Vizlib Viztips, all users can get detailed context on-hover without the data taking up extra dashboard real estate! 

Simplifying healthcare analysis in Qlik Sense

📰 7 tips for data science pros. To succeed in data science you should follow a few basic pointers, including acing data visualisation and communications, focusing on the right metric and not waiting till you ‘know enough’. Discover more tips in this Analytics Insight article


📰 Empower your product team with product analytics. Product teams can use product analytics to get the real story for new updates as well as the data they need to improve the user experience (UX). Learn more about leveraging product analytics for continuous improvement in this Datanami article


👉  And our quote of the day

“Change is moving faster than ever, and systemic risks of falling behind in the autonomous journey are approaching more quickly than businesses could have imagined. The organizations I talk to that are more automated and have higher levels of intelligence and data maturity have performed better under stress, especially when the pandemic hit and companies rapidly shifted to a remote work model. They didn’t have paper processes or manual labor processes involved, and their business’s digital twin was in place and running as it should.” Akhilesh Tripathi, CEO of Digitate. 


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