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Vizlib Monday Digest: Tune up your business with analytics

Vizlib Monday Digest:  Tune up your business with analytics


Monday,  December 16th

The Vizlib Monday Digest is a summary of recent articles about how data changes our lives. We’re sharing it with you to supercharge your week! (Feel free to share your comments!)


2020 – time to ramp up with data analytics. Execs should refocus on data science and data analytics in the coming year. Together with following trends like more data visualisation and improving data analytics capabilities, leading businesses will experience increased revenue and greater core efficiency. Read more in this TWDI article


Game changing BI trends

For more info on 2020 enterprise analytics trends, read our blog


Analytics is key to advancing IoT. With the help of predictive analytics, IoT will have the power of real-time insights. Businesses will be able to generate more value from connected devices and increase the focus on solutions which address specific use cases. Investigate further in this article


AI and BI together fuel next-gen analytics. AI is evolving as a fundamental driver of business processes and BI decision making. Not only does it enhance business processes efficiency and deliver specialised customer experiences, but together with BI, it helps prevent data overload and enables real-time insights. Read more in this Analytics Insight article



Machine learning algorithms help in the cancer fight. AI algorithms are helping scientists to map billions of human cells to unlock the mysteries of cell and disease development. Using data from tissue sample cells, the scientists aim to turn data into 3D maps to visualise human bodies at a cellular level. Discover more here.  


Data visualisation translated into music. A graduate student from Columbia University has created a data visualisation displaying data on a geyser eruption. Along with the visual representation, the student also translated the data into sounds! Listen to the eerie result here


And, our Quote of the day from the earlier TWDI article:  

“A desire for quick wins can lead data science practitioners to analyze ‘low-hanging fruit’ and, unfortunately, miss out on opportunities for larger business impact. Increase your probability of success by ensuring you can communicate value with the help of data visualization and run your solutions efficiently via pipelines and automation.” 

Michael Willock, CTO, Liberty Mutual Investments. 

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